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UGA Extension faculty and staff provide economic, environmental and quality-of-life impact throughout the state. Read their stories covered under the overviews below.

Animal Production

Sheep, goats, dairy and beef cattle, swine and poultry all make up Georgia’s livestock industry. UGA Extension supports the industry through education and training for profitability, animal health, feed and forage evaluation and other relevant topics.

Community, Home and Life Skills

UGA Extension agents live and work in communities and counties throughout the state so they can identify and serve the needs of their clientele quickly and accurately. In 2020, their work focused on home and life skills during a pandemic.

Food Safety

Georgians expect their food to be safe to eat and to serve to their families. UGA Extension helps safeguard their safety through education and training. Food and animal production, food industry needs and consumer demand help dictate the focus on food safety.

Health and Wellness

Many Georgians face difficult battles with chronic illness, weight control, limited physical activity and prevention of cancer and other diseases. Armed with knowledge about living a healthy lifestyle to prevent disease and promote wellness, UGA Extension agents nurture good health for Georgians.

Plant Production

Growing crops in Georgia is a multi-faceted job. It entails fighting plant diseases, weeds and pests; soil quality and irrigation; genetics; post-harvest handling; conservation and cultural trends, as well as breeding programs introducing new cultivars. UGA Extension has a hand in every phase.

Sustainability, Conservation and the Environment

Agriculture thrives when the environment is healthy. UGA Extension works to support agriculture to keep it sustainable and profitable by managing natural resources, focusing on production practices, investigating niche markets and protecting the environment.

Urban Agriculture

Agricultural issues in an urban setting involve water conservation, Green Industry and homeowner issues, and Master Gardener programs. UGA Extension spreads a wide net of knowledge in Georgia’s urban areas.

Youth and Family

Life can be challenging during normal times. Layer in a pandemic requiring quarantining, virtual learning and health crises and life just got complicated. In 2020, UGA Extension responded to the needs of families, especially their 4-H’ers, with imagination and resourcefulness.