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Story in Brief

Healthy housing goes far beyond just having a clean home. Creating a healthy home environment means ensuring that your home is safe inside and out. The introduction of COVID-19 required people to spend even more time at home as work and school were restricted to the home. This increased time spent at home made it critical to ensure the home environment was healthy and safe indoors and out. The UGA Extension Family and Consumer Sciences agent in Early County developed a series of healthy housing news articles that were featured in the local newspaper to help citizens identify and remedy potential hazards in the home. The series provided an overview to healthy homes, proper cleaning and sanitizing the home, decluttering, identifying and preventing mold and moisture, home maintenance, energy savers, water quality, healthy septic systems and effects of wipes in septic systems. These articles educated consumers on health hazards and dangers in the home and ways to correct problems to develop a healthy living environment to prevent chronic disease, falls and other potential health hazards.