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Story in Brief

Stormwater causes pollution, flooding, and erosion of natural resources and property. These damaging effects can be reduced by installing green infrastructure practices in the landscape and on buildings. UGA Extension agents in Fulton and Cobb counties developed two educational workshops for the Georgia Association of Conservation Districts’ Georgia Conservation Assistance Program to help grant applicants learn about stormwater implications and mitigation. The harmful effects of stormwater runoff and nonpoint source pollution were introduced, along with green infrastructure practices and maintenance. A total of 300 participants attended the two workshops. County residents awarded funding through the program will be able to install green infrastructure and reduce stormwater damage in their community. The Georgia Association of Conservation Districts will review the applications and award projects based on soil and water conservation benefits and appropriateness of design. This technical guidance and educational workshop provided by UGA Extension helped set up grant applicants with the proper stormwater management knowledge to apply for assistance through GCAP. The GACD has $160,000 available to distribute among Fulton and Cobb counties residents for assistance with installing green infrastructure. Award recipients will reduce stormwater pollution entering local waters and soil erosion with the use of green infrastructure practices. Other property owners choosing to fund their own stormwater projects can also use the workshop information for guidance.