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Story in Brief

Voting delegates at State 4-H Council select nine individuals to serve a one-year term as a state officer on the 4-H Board of Directors. Following State Council, the newly-elected state officers attend an intensive four-day leadership training taught by state and county 4-H staff, 4-H volunteers, and faculty and staff from the University of Georgia to prepare them for a year of presiding at assemblies, officiating events, developing skits and themes, and representing Georgia 4-H in a variety of settings. They are taught how to present and speak at a podium, theme planning, etiquette, donor relations, leadership and personality styles, teamwork and more. Additional training and planning sessions are held throughout the year via in-person and online meetings. State 4-H faculty serve as advisers to the Board -- setting high expectations, creating a safe environment, and providing constructive feedback on an ongoing basis. Board members are empowered to exercise independence and shine in a variety of settings and before diverse audiences as they represent the more than 242,000 4-H youth participants in Georgia. The nine youth members of the 2019-2020 Georgia 4-H State Board of Directors collectively traveled more than 8,000 miles in their roles as State 4-H officers, representing Georgia 4-H at 40 events. Each officer participated in over 225 hours of training. The busiest half of their board term took place during the pandemic, with many activities being canceled. The state officers this year were able to demonstrate leadership, project stability, and embrace optimism as they helped lead some of the largest virtual programs during COVID-19.