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Story in Brief

Every year an Integrated Pest Management field day is held by Bacon County Extension staff to help blueberry growers make decisions on managing their blueberry crop. The field day typically hosts around 60-70 guests who either produce blueberries or are involved in processing or marketing blueberries. This field day allows UGA Extension to get information to the growers mid-season to help guide them in making key decisions about managing their crops. Scientist and researchers are typically asked to present information and research to help growers understand the importance of timely sprays or irrigation practices. This year the IPM Field Day was to be held in Alma, Georgia, at the Blueberry Research Farm. Due to COVID-19, it was held virtually to allow information to be distributed to 73 participants. Growers and bee keepers discussed the problems they encountered during this past year’s pollination season for blueberries.

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