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Story in Brief

In a collaboration effort to build camaraderie in youth in the midst of a global pandemic, Peach and Houston 4-H agents invited 4-H’ers from Southwest and Northwest Districts to participate in a virtual Teen Leader Certification course preparing youth for leadership opportunities in the 2020-2021 program year. Fifteen 4-H members from six counties attended a three-day virtual training held on the Zoom platform. During Certified Teen Leader Training, youth participated in lessons that included physical, intellectual, social, and emotional characteristics of younger 4-H’ers, qualities of a strong leader, communication skills, conflict management, roles of a leader, and ways to keep younger youth engaged. Agents from Houston, Peach, Pulaski, Dougherty and Worth counties divided the curriculum up to team teach the curriculum, sections and coordinate activities. Over the course of the three-day training, youth would log into zoom, utilize the break out rooms for team building, participate in “super chats”, use the annotate feature in zoom, and record responses through Mentimeter.