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Story in Brief

Georgia 4-H creatively designed and piloted a process to enable youth to engage (and still compete) in Project Achievement, even amid a global pandemic. This new development created and launched the framework for Georgia 4-H’s virtual ability for competitions. This year, 427 youth in 4th–6th grades participated in the first-ever Virtual Cloverleaf Project Achievement from 47 counties in all regions of Georgia. One 4-H agent noted, “Virtual Project Achievement did not disappoint. Our parents and students were more than eager to showcase their hard work and they thank Georgia 4-H for the creativity and hard work it took to make this happen for them.” During the state Project Achievement competition for high schoolers who had qualified earlier in the season through face-to-face district competitions, the virtual format enabled 243 youth participants from 98 Georgia counties to still compete in their projects and sharpen their skills. With the help of 52 4-H youth development professionals, 26 virtual interview rooms were hosted simultaneously for the youth competition. This new framework is now in place to support future virtual contests and further expand participation with new audiences.