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Story in Brief

Through the 4-H Yoga for Kids program, youth achieve optimal physical, social and emotional well-being. Youth combine breathing, physical posture, and mindfulness to help strengthen and calm the body and mind. Chatham County 4-H partnered with school counselors, and teachers to promote the participation of elementary school students in 4-H Yoga for Kids. In March, when the COVID pandemic closed the schools in Chatham, the counselors asked if Chatham 4-H would continue yoga session via Zoom. The virtual sessions continued until the end of the school year. The virtual yoga sessions were schedule weekly before classes began. During each yoga session, each student participated in breathing techniques, basic warm-up, and verbal guidance through poses, individual practices, positive affirmation and guided relaxation. This practice correlated with the healthy living, social and emotional well-being component of Georgia 4-H. The yoga sessions were more than physical activity. The practice promotes a connection between the mind and body. A school counselor commented, "The kids that joined the yoga sessions really enjoyed themselves and most took it very seriously. They felt like they belonged to a special group and knew they were doing something that was good for their minds and bodies. We are working hard to teach and reinforce skills to address self-regulation and making positive choices. These yoga class were perfect for our kids!"