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Story in Brief

Many factors come into play when considering an irrigation system, such as water source, slope, drainage, plant needs, the best time to irrigate, type of irrigation equipment needed, proper installation of the irrigation system, etc. A face-to-face, hands-on irrigation system training was planned to address these factors but then the worldwide pandemic known as COVID-19 struck and brought all face-to-face trainings to a screeching halt and mandated social distancing. UGA Extension staff in Floyd County presented the Landscape Irrigation Training live via Zoom in one morning and one evening session. The training was announced via social media and email. The irrigation training covered topics such as watering and plant health, laws and regulations (Georgia Water Stewardship Act of 2010,) irrigation methods/components, and a knowledge test on the components of irrigation systems and the tools required to install the system according to local and state laws and regulations. Twenty-three people participated in the live video training. Survey results showed that the program definitely met the expectations of 93 percent of respondents and that 87 percent would recommend the training to others. Most importantly is that 93 percent of respondents said they learned something they did not know before the training.