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Story in Brief

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Quitman County Extension embraced the use of technology and social media to continue to offer valuable Extension programming to citizens of Quitman County. With the use of social media as the platform for program dissemination, many others from Georgia and nationwide were able to take part in the programs whether they were live virtual programs or were viewed at a later time. With the use of technology-based programming, Quitman County Extension was able to reach longtime, faithful program attendees while opening the virtual doors to new audiences through online programs. Tasteful Tuesday gained 13,045 views over the course of 20 videos. A multi-county Home Food Preservation Series was started where agents from Quitman, Burke and Washington counties demonstrated home food preservation methods. With eight episodes produced via Zoom and Facebook, 10,225 contacts were made. Forty one-minute home food preservation videos based on recipes from So Easy to Preserve were produced and distributed through Facebook and Instagram. Through the So Easy to Preserve series, a total of 42,872 contacts were reached through social media. Through Chick School, the agent coordinated 21 lessons that were used in home school groups and classrooms (in person and virtual) for each life cycle. Chick School caught attention from 98 class groups on the East and West Coast with a total of 2,450 participants.