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4th-6th Grades

What is Project Achievement?

Project Achievement is a public speaking competition for 4th-12th grade students. Select a topic that YOU are interested in to share with your fellow 4-H'ers, develop your confidence, and meet new friends from across the state at the district competitions. Project areas include but not are limited to: dog care and training, sports, history, arts and crafts, outdoor recreation and more! Would you rather cook and be evaluated like the chefs on the Food Network? Compete in one of our many cooking projects including Better Breakfast, Dairy Foods, Pizza, and Festive Foods for Health. Are you in to the performing arts instead? Compete in performing arts instrumental, vocal, or general project area! Project Achievement is for everyone!

To see a video of what a final 4-H Project Achievement demonstration looks like, check out the examples in the Project Achievement Resources section below.

How Do I Get Started?

  1. Pick a topic that interests YOU! It can be anything!
  2. Research that topic using credible resources. What's a credible source? A credible source is a trustworthy source, so make sure you do your research on websites that end in .edu, .org, or .gov instead of websites that end in .com or .net.
  3. Write your speech! Include an introduction (with a catchy hook), three body paragraphs highlighting your topic, and a conclusion.
  4. Create your poster or slides! Your poster should support the ideas you include in your speech, should be neat, and should be easy to read. Posters can be created on posterboard, a tri-fold board, or on powerpoint slides. There is no required number of posters or slides. We suggest having a cover poster or slide with your presentation title and your name, and two or three additional posters to illustrate or highlight ideas in the body of your speech.
  5. Practice your speech and time yourself! Your speech should be between 3 and 5 minutes long. You do not have to memorize your speech - notes on index cards are a great way to practice and present your speech.


Preparation and Practice Sessions

We will offer preparation and practice sessions as well as portfolio workshops prior to your 4-H Project Achievement demonstration!   


Project Achievement Resources

Rules and Regulations for Project Achievement

The Georgia 4-H Activity and Awards Guidebook includes all state-wide policies and procedures.  4-H'ers and adults are encouraged to always review the Guidebook prior to an event.