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Financial Literacy

Financial Literacy for Adults

Classes and workshops include basic budgeting, credit reports and scores, and estate planning.

Upcoming Financial Literacy for Adults classes will be offered in 2024: Contact Cecilia Tran at


Financial Literacy for Youth          

Classes and workshops teach youth about spending, saving, and sharing money and credit for teens.

Upcoming Financial Literacy for Youth classes will be offered in 2024: Contact Courtney Mixon at

Extension Publications

2022–2023 Commercial Poultry Outlook (AP 130-1-09) Author: Dennis Brothers, Associate Extension Professor, Auburn University, Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology. 1. The domestic chicken market is strong with a good supply in the short- to midterm, though highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) continues to loom large in the United States and could be a major impact in 2023. 2. High building costs an increasing interest rates are obstacles to expansion on the live side. 3. Future changes to the contract-grower pay model could be beneficial to growers, but caution is warranted. 4. HPAI and California Proposition 12 ruling likely to have an impact on future table egg prices.
2023 Georgia Ag Forecast (AP 130-1) The entire publication is viewable using the "View PDF" button above. Each year, UGA's agricultural economists develop a comprehensive overview to help various sectors of the agriculture industry navigate the year ahead. As Georgia's land-grant university, the University of Georgia conducts cutting-edge research on critical and emerging issues that are important to the agriculture industry. From this research, UGA provides the best information and education available to producers and constituents to equip them with knowledge and decision-making tools for their businesses. The overall U.S. outlook projections include: 1. In 2023, the postpandemic expansion will end, and a mild recession will begin. 2. The 2023 recession will be mild and short. 3. Tight monetary policy because of high inflation is the main reason to expect a recession. Energy price shocks are a second reason to expect a recession. 4. Georgia’s economy will do better than the U.S. economy as a whole. 5. Economic development projects will provide a solid push to Georgia’s economy.
How to Get Out of Debt
How to Get Out of Debt (C 1045) Learn about types of credit, how to assess your situation if you are in debt, and how to make power payments to get out of debt fast. Getting out of debt helps financial security and planning for the future.