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Financial Literacy

Financial Literacy for Adults

Classes and workshops range from basic budgeting, credit reports and scores, and estate planning.

Upcoming Financial Literacy for Adults classes: Call (404) 762-4077 for more information



Financial Literacy for Youth          

Classes and workshops include teaching youth about spending, saving, and sharing money and credit for teens.

Upcoming Financial Literacy for Youth classes: Call (404) 762-4077 for more information





Extension Publications
Insurance: Necessity or Nuisance? (C 1111) If you need a particular type of insurance, it is better to have it even if you never use it. The hard part is knowing the difference between insurance you need and insurance you are better off without. Many people purchase insurance without knowing whether they need it or not. Unless you fully understand insurance, you may be wasting money on insurance products you don't need.
The CARES Act: What Renters in Georgia Need to Know (TP 117) The combination of declining economic activity and job losses have put pressure on both homeowners and renters, whose physical and financial well-being have been devastated by the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, many households around the nation are facing housing insecurity in the form of potential eviction or foreclosure. This publication provides updated information about the provisions in the CARES Act that affects renters in Georgia as well as informational resources renters can use to learn more about this legislation.
Making Ends Meet During COVID-19 (TP 115) Unprecedented financial challenges are impacting our nation, communities, and households. In addition to the information provided in the "When Your Income Drops" publication series, this publication will help you to financially weather the COVID-19 crisis. For those who have lost income, making ends meet may be extremely challenging right now. Prioritizing your expenses is essential for financial success during the COVID-19 crisis.
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