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Financial Literacy

Financial Literacy for Adults

Classes and workshops range from basic budgeting, credit reports and scores, and estate planning.

Upcoming Financial Literacy for Adults classes: Call (404) 613-4920 for more information



Financial Literacy for Youth          

Classes and workshops include teaching youth about spending, saving, and sharing money and credit for teens.

Upcoming Financial Literacy for Youth classes: Call (404) 613-4920 for more information





Extension Publications
Built-Financial Capital: The Promise and Potential of Community Development and Introducing the CD+SI ToolkitTM (B 1547-6) Built-financial capital refers to the constructed environment (or infrastructure) and economic resources needed to support community activities and sustain successful community development. Considering the infrastructure as well as the financial resources within a community may provide an important perspective regarding needs as well as opportunities.
Cultural Capital: Strengthening Community Identity and Introducing the CD+SI Toolkit (B 1547-5) Cultural capital refers to the resources that make up a community’s tangible and intangible creative assets. Tangible assets can include historical buildings, sites, and other structures, as well as local art, sculptures, and crafts. Intangible assets include community traditions, customs, values, practices, music, and literature, which contribute to a community’s identity and distinguish community members. These items of cultural capital can contribute to the overall cultural value existing within a community. This publication provides additional details and insights how communities, citizens, and educators can use cultural capital to engage in productive dialogue and programs.
Human Capital: Developing Communities by Investing in People and Introducing the CD+SI Toolkit (B 1547-4) People represent one of the most important local assets available to a community. While a collection of individuals is needed to start and maintain a community, growth and prosperity largely depend on the talents these individuals possess and the contributions they make to ensure that the community thrives. The education, training, and personal characteristics that give rise to these talents are called human capital.
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