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The University of Georgia Extension has continually served Fulton County residents since 1914 when fields still covered much of the County. Our programs have expanded over the last century to include urban gardening, sustainable landscapes, family and consumer sciences, and 4-H youth leadership.

The Fulton County Extension, backed by the resources of Fulton County and the University of Georgia, provides educational programs, information, and assistance to citizens of the County. That assistance is provided to citizens by telephone consultation, site visits, newsletters, news articles, radio, and collaboration with other community agencies. In addition, publications and lab services are delivery methods for education and information to citizens.


*Please call our East Point office at 404-613-4920 for assistance with soil, water, and plant testing.

Make an appointment with Yvette Davis for service at our East Point office.

*The last day to accept soil, water, and plant samples is Friday, December 16, 2022, 

Appointments will resume on Tuesday, January 3, 2023.

Thank you.

*The Atlanta History Center location does not process soil, water, or plant samples.

Please call the East Point office for assistance.

*Our Camp Truitt location has a new number: 404-613-7990.


Holiday County Office Closings

Friday, Dec 23rd - Monday, Dec 26th

Friday, Dec 30th - Monday, Jan 2nd


Fulton Fresh Mobile Market Will Return in Summer of 2023!

This fall, the mobile market will run for one (1) Five (5) week cycle during the 2022 fall season, from October 18 - November 17.  The mobile market will make 6 stops a week throughout Fulton County and is open to the public. Attendees will participate in a 30-minute nutrition class and will then be given a free bag of in-season produce from our mobile market to take home and prepare. Please click on the link for the schedule: 

Mobile MarkeT

Fulton Fresh Truck


For over a century, we have been helping citizens of Fulton County live better, healthier lives. We offer multiple programs and events throughout the year and answer questions from businesses and homeowners every day over the phone and by email. Learn more about our programs:

We have about a dozen employees that deliver programs and services across the County in multiple offices. We have three main offices in East Point, College Park, and North Atlanta, plus a 4-H office at the Atlanta History Center. View our locations and staff list to learn more.

Agricultural Services

As of March 4, 2022, our offices are currently open to the public. Visit the ANR page for current hours and contact information.

Agriculture & Natural Resources

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Upcoming Events
  • Feb 15 Attracting and Supporting Pollinators in your Garden & Bees if You Please Attracting and Supporting Pollinators in your Garden: Milton resident Marcia O’Shaughnessy will tell us how to attract and include the valuable pollinators which are the catalysts of flowering plants. Following her suggestions will lead you to a more colorful garden. Bees if You Please: Beekeeper extraordinaire Stan Key, a member of the Milton Bee Club, will discuss the intricate life cycle of bees and their benefits to us. Stan is a local resource that we are grateful to be able to include in this series of classes.
    • Milton, GA
  • Feb 22 How to Keep the Tree in the Ground & Fragrant Garden How to Keep the Tree in the Ground: City of Milton Arborist, Sandra Dewitt, will talk about species choice, placement of trees in your yard, and general tree maintenance. If you want trees in your garden and are unsure of what to plant, this is the talk for you. Fragrant Garden: Instructing once again is Milton resident Carole McMullan, who will guide us in the choice of those plants which provide an olfactory paradise! This talk will focus on plant selection, plant location, and maintenance of these plants.
    • Milton, GA
  • Mar 1 Tool Talk & Getting Your Plants Home Tool Talk: Milton resident Michael Snow will provide an overview of the tools typically used for the garden, with an emphasis on the important initial tools. He will also discuss features to consider in selecting and using garden tools. Getting your plants home: Milton resident Marlysa Raye-Jacobus will offer instructions for getting the plants from the nursery (big box store) to your home and into the ground. She will give tips on making your plants look attractive, placing them in the garden, and maintaining them.
    • Milton, GA
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  • Mental Health Day Mental Health Day Mental Health Day at the Georgia State Capitol will be held on Tuesday, Jan. 31. By Amanda Budd | Published: 1/25/2023
  • Bees in winter Bees in winter As temperatures drop, bees must change their behavior to survive the winter. By Amanda Budd | Published: 1/24/2023
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