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Our blog, Fulton From the Ground Up, is your go-to for the latest and greatest happenings in Fulton County Agriculture and Natural Resources. Please feel free to explore this blog for Frequently Asked Questions about Cooperative Extension, Fulton County, and anything and everything outdoors!

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Blue-Winged Wasps Protect Our Gardens One Grub at a Time Posted by Gabrielle LaTora on Aug 31, 2023 Several emails have come to the help desk this week reporting “swarms of wasps” in clients’ yards, “flying quite low to the ground.” One Fulton County resident said, “they seem to be in constant motion, never landing or stopping. Their flight pattern gives the impression that they are actively searching for something.” Well, they were […]
Help Count “Polli-neighbors” This August in the Great Southeast Pollinator Census Posted by Gabrielle LaTora on Aug 2, 2023 Getting to know our neighbors is important—they give us a chance to connect with our community, encourage us to get outside, and offer help when we need it. Our “polli-neighbors” do the same things! The main job of pollinators is to move pollen between flowers, helping plants set seed and reproduce. Without pollinators in our […]
Why is My Plant Dying? Improving Drainage in Residential Gardens and Lawns Posted by Gabrielle LaTora on Jan 19, 2023 Written by Pam Rentz, Fulton County Master Gardener Extension Volunteer “Why is my plant dying?” is a question we get often in the Fulton County Extension office. The next phrase we typically hear is, “But I water it every day and it’s turning yellow!” While intentions may be good, overwatering can be as bad as […]
What’s Up with That Sign in Your Yard? Posted by Gabrielle LaTora on Dec 12, 2022 Written by Pam Rentz, Fulton County Master Gardener Extension Volunteer When a passerby stops and asks what that sign in your yard means, it’s an opening to have a conversation about any number of topics. Native plants, birds and butterflies and bees, wildlife, water, sustainable green landscape practices, invasive species and more are all topics […]
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