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Our blog, Fulton From the Ground Up, is your go-to for the latest and greatest happenings in Fulton County Agriculture and Natural Resources. Please feel free to explore this blog for Frequently Asked Questions about Cooperative Extension, Fulton County, and anything and everything outdoors!

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Why is My Plant Dying? Improving Drainage in Residential Gardens and Lawns Posted by Gabrielle LaTora on Jan 19, 2023 Written by Pam Rentz, Fulton County Master Gardener Extension Volunteer “Why is my plant dying?” is a question we get often in the Fulton County Extension office. The next phrase we typically hear is, “But I water it every day and it’s turning yellow!” While intentions may be good, overwatering can be as bad as […]
What’s Up with That Sign in Your Yard? Posted by Gabrielle LaTora on Dec 12, 2022 Written by Pam Rentz, Fulton County Master Gardener Extension Volunteer When a passerby stops and asks what that sign in your yard means, it’s an opening to have a conversation about any number of topics. Native plants, birds and butterflies and bees, wildlife, water, sustainable green landscape practices, invasive species and more are all topics […]
Satsuma Success: A Master Gardener’s Experience Growing In-Ground Citrus in North Georgia Posted by Melissa on Feb 2, 2022 Written by Fulton County MGEV William L. Jeffries IV, PhD, MPH, MA As the sun peaked over the Central Florida horizon on a winter morning in the late 1980s, I awoke with cheerful anticipation of a day full of outdoor play. After my morning routine, I proceeded to go outside and round up my friends […]
Creating a Pollinator Meadow Posted by caesweb on Aug 2, 2021 This year, the Great Georgia Pollinator Census will be held on August 20th and 21st. For more information about our local pollinators and instructions on how to participate, visit: Bees, butterflies, moths, flies, and other insects all play a vital role in our environment: pollinators. Pollinator insects are responsible for the success of many […]
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