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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can join Fulton County 4-H?

  • All youth, grades K-12, who live or attend school in Fulton County may join Fulton County 4-H. 
  • Any person, regardless of race, color, national origin, gender, or disability may enroll as a 4-H member.
  • Activities and events available to youth vary by grade.

Is there a cost to join? Does 4-H have a uniform?

4-H does not charge dues or require uniforms. However, there are fees and dress associated with certain events and programs. 

How do I join Fulton County 4-H?

  • Complete a 4-H Enrollment Form and return to your nearest Fulton County Extension Office.  UGA Extension Fulton County has several offices throughout the county. 4-H is primarily house at the Atlanta History Center & Camp Truitt in South Fulton. 
  • Register for the event you'd like to attend or contact us if you are interested in attending a club meeting.

What types of programs and activities are offered in 4-H?

4-H offers a wide variety of programs including citizenship, leadership, healthy living, and STEM.


Does Fulton County 4-H have summer programs?

Yes! We have both day summer camp programs and overnight summer camp programs.

Where are 4-H activities held in Fulton County?

We offer a variety of programs across Fulton County both at our county facilities and at other locations in partnerships with community organizations. We partners with schools, libraries, farmers markets, farms, nonprofit organizations, and more to provide youth programming in cities and neighborhoods across the county. Not sure where your closest 4-H activity is located? Contact us for help locating 4-H programs in your neighborhood.

How can my organization partner with 4-H?

Fulton County 4-H partners with schools, libraries, and other community organizations to provide research-based, hands-on youth development programming.  Please contact us if you are interested in partnering with us.

How can I volunteer with Fulton County 4-H?

Volunteers are vital for us to extend our reach and 4-H programming to all youth in Fulton County. Fill out our online Fulton County 4-H Volunteer Application.

Is Fulton County 4-H on social media?

Yes! You can follow UGA Extension Fulton County for updates and announcements on Facebook and Instagram.