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Why 4-H?

Impact of Georgia 4-H

With all of the many youth programs available in metro Atlanta, why should you choose 4-H?

Lifelong Learning

Georgia 4-H provides youth the opportunity to explore and develop their personal interests whatever the area - music, science, agriculture, food science, and more! We have something for everyone! 4-Hers are challenged to become independent, lifelong learners in a supportive and encouraging environment. You can see the variety of programs we offer on our Programs by Interest page.

4-Hers who show great proficiency and excellence in their chosen area of 4-H work can earn the status of Master 4-Her, the highest honor bestowed by Georgia 4-H. This designation is for youth who have worked to truly master an area of interest and excel at the state-level of 4-H competitions.

Growing True Leaders

4-H encourages and supports youth to become active leaders and citizens in their local community. Leadership opportunities increase as youth transition from elementary, middle, and high school. Leadership programs include local 4-H club officers, district and state 4-H officers, and the Leadership in Action program in which youth are challenged to identify a need in their community and lead the development of a response to address that issue.

Preparing for the Future

College Scholarships

Each year, the Georgia 4-H Foundation awards thousands of dollars in college scholarships through the Georgia 4-H Achievement Scholarship Program. Scholarships are awarded in a variety of areas and all active high school senior 4-Hers are eligible to apply. Over $30,000 in scholarships were awarded in 2017. To learn more about the Georgia 4-H Achievement Scholarship program, please visit the Georgia 4-H Foundation website or contact a Fulton County 4-H agent.

College Internships and Jobs

  • Georgia 4-H has a longstanding and celebrated summer camping program. College-age 4-H'ers serve as our summer camp counselors. For many this is the culmination of their 4-H career. You can learn more about our camping programs on our Summer Camp page.
  • Citizenship Washington Focus is an annual 4-H citizenship program held in Washington, D.C. This preeminent national 4-H program is staffed by collegiate-aged 4-H'ers who work as program assistants each summer. More information about Citizenship Washington Focus is available on the National 4-H Council website.

Lifelong Friendships

The relationships developed in 4-H last a lifetime! Many former 4-Hers maintain their friendships developed in 4-H into adulthood and remain active supporters of 4-H programs across Georgia.

Tufts University 4-H Youth Development Research

For more than 10 years, National 4-H Council has partnered with Tufts University to study the effectiveness of 4-H youth development programs. This longitudinal study began in 2002 and has surveyed over 7,000 youth from diverse backgrounds across 42 states. According to this study, 4-Hers are:

  • Four times more likely to give back to their communities
  • Twice as likely to make healthier choices
  • Twice as likely to participate in STEM activities

You can find more information on this research, as well as the complete Tufts University report.