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Twolined Spittlebug (Prosapia bicincta)

Twolined spittlebug adult on a leafPlant with a twolined spittlebug on it

Adults are about 1/4 to ½ inch long, smoky brown to black in color, broadly oval, convex, with prominent eyes. They have two bright orange stripes across their wings. Adults sometimes are called froghoppers. Nymphs are smaller, usually pal greenish-yellow, and covered by frothy bubbles called spittle. Two generations occur per year. 
The immature stages are found in turfgrass and adults may be found on numerous woody ornamentals, especially hollies.

Look for active adults beginning in early summer. The second generation of adults usually appears in September. Don't allow a heavy thatch layer to accumulate in the lawn. Avoid locating Host plants that attract adults, especially susceptible hollies near centipedegrass. Time insecticide treatment to heavily infested areas of turf for July. Mow and irrigate the grass several hours before applying treatment late in the day.