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4-H Program Passport

Fulton County 4-H is excited to introduce it's newest program - the 4-H Passport Program!

We know how busy all of our families are and how it can be hard to make it to all of our 4-H events in addition to school activities, sports, other clubs and more! So - we've designed the Passport Program to extend your 4-H learning to your other academic, extracurricular, and family activities!

Earn points by completing 4-H and non-4-H activities throughout the year in the areas of citizenship, leadership, and healthy living.  Redeem those points for prizes including 4-H swag, t-shirts, and award trips!

To get started, pick up a copy of a 4-H Passport at any 4-H club meeting or download a copy from the Fulton County 4-H Website. Check off activities as you complete them and turn in your passport by April 30, 2020 to earn your awards.

Passports are available for the following age groups: