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3 publications were found on Ground-Covers
  • Ground Covers for Shaded Landscapes in North Georgia (C 1238) This circular discusses the most common ground covers, both native and non-native plants, that are suitable for culture in North Georgia landscapes in shaded areas.
  • Growing Ferns (B 737) Ferns became popular indoor plants during the Victorian Era. Today, they are used as specimens in atriums, greenhouses and conservatories, and we find them in the smallest apartments and the largest homes. They offer a quiet, graceful beauty by softening landscapes indoors and out.
  • Native Plants for Georgia Part IV: Grasses and Sedges (B 987-4) This publication describes and illustrates 48 grasses and 10 sedges native to Georgia. It is not the intent of the authors to describe all native grasses and sedges, but those that are most widespread or those having practical application for wildlife habitats, erosion control, restoration projects or landscape culture. A few of the plants are noted as being weedy or invasive and may not be approp…