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Master Gardener Extension Volunteer Program

Master Gardener Extension volunteer program logoThe Master Gardener Extension Volunteer (MGEV) program in Georgia is a volunteer training program designed to help University of Georgia Cooperative Extension staff transfer research-based information about gardening and related subjects to the public by training home gardeners  to be volunteer educators.

Through active MGEV programs in many Georgia counties, UGA Cooperative Extension is able to reach out and serve more citizens with educational programming and demonstrations. For more information, go to: Georgia Master Gardener Extension Volunteer Program

The Henry County Master Gardener Extension Volunteer Program in Henry County has more than 70 volunteers plus a new class of interns each year.  There are 50 hours of classes each year for the new group of interns.  Interns in addition to attending classes are required to complete 50 hours of volunteer activity to become certified. 

To remain certified, Master Gardener Extension Volunteers must complete a minimum of 25 hours of volunteer time in each succeeding year after their training year. 


Applications for the 2025 Class will be available in August 2024


Volunteer activities include:

  • Plant Clinics
  • Gardening with youth at elementary schools
  • Master Gardener Plant sale
  • Shade House Garden
  • Nolan House Demonstration Garden
  • County 4H Project Achievement Awards program
  • Extension General Support
  • Master Gardener Extension Volunteer Administration
  • Arbor Day tree give away
  • Making presentations
  • MGEV Scholarship Program
  • Cubihatcha water reservoir with 3rd graders
  • Mentoring interns
  • Working with seniors
  • Working with local libraries on MG Sprouts for children 6 to 8
  • Symposium to teach area residents about gardening

For more information contact Timothy Daly at  (770) 288-8421 or or Bella Cormier at (770)(288-8421 or

2024 Executive Board for the Master Gardeners:

President - Dawn Washington 

1st Vice President - Carol Jenkins

2nd Vice President - Arolue Prater

Secretary - Kayla Tuker

Treasurer - Kay Allison


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