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From serving as a chaperone at 4-H Summer camp to leading a special interest team, 4-H offers a variety of opportunities for volunteer service in youth development programming. We hope you will find your passion by sharing your time and talents to build our next generation of leaders.


Forms for adult volunteers to be screened by UGA

Required for all adults who will be transporting or working with any 4-H'ers who are not in their own family, and/or handling financial items in any way on behalf of 4-H/ Extension. Please email ( or bring by ALL completed forms by the county extension office and speak with Mrs. Susan Howington, Henry County FACS Agent & Coordinator.

There will be also an additional email from UGA reguarding an initial screening requistion information for a background check. This is a mandatory part of the process to be approved as a screen volunteer (new step as of 2/2/2018.)


Volunteer Agreement 

Screening Application