UGA Extension Office

Judging Teams

Judging teams are open to any interested 4th - 12th grader. These are competitive events where youth will attend weekly practices learning various skills that will then be put to the test at a district or state competition. There is no cost associated for joining any of our judging teams. High school teams that place first will be eligible to compete at the national level! For more information call or email the office!

There is additional information and resources on the Georgia 4-H website.

                              Georgia 4-H Judging Teams
  • Forestry Judging: Youth learn how to ID native trees, insects, and diseases as well as how to cruise timber in order to obtain an estimate for timber sale, how to use a compass, and how to utilize their pace to measure distance. This event takes place in late summer with the contest in August.
  • Cotton Boll and Consumer Judging: Youth learn how to be a savvy shopper and how to compare similar items in order to find the best purchase that gives the best bang for their buck. This event takes place in the fall with the contest in November
  • Poultry Judging: Youth learn what grading eggs means and how to do it, as well as how to candle an egg and how to pick a chicken that will give you the egg productions. This event takes place in the spring with the contest in April.
  • Wildlife Judging: Youth will learn a variety of wildlife terms and concepts including quality and management of wildlife habitats, potential dangers and damage to habitats, and common wildlife foods. This event takes place in late spring with the contest in May.