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Become a Master Gardener!

What is the Augusta Area Master Gardener Extension Volunteer Program?

The Augusta Area Master Gardener Extension Volunteer Program provides novice and seasoned gardeners with an intensive educational experience in horticulture principles, practices and pest management. Classes are taught by University of Georgia faculty and other subject area experts. Class topics include botany, plant physiology, soils, flowering plants, vegetable gardening, fruit gardening, herb gardening, organic gardening, entomology, plant pathology and disease control, landscape design, plant propagation, composting and more.

After completing the three-month educational component, participants perform 50 hours of volunteer service in their community before the end of the calendar year. Master Gardeners then continue to volunteer a minimum of 25 hours each year thereafter to retain their certification.

Who Can Participate?

The Augusta Area Master Gardener Extension Volunteer program is open to any adult in Richmond County or surrounding counties with an interest in horticulture and a desire to volunteer in the community. Master Gardener students enter the program with a variety of experience levels and skills. Before being accepted into the program, applicants must complete a background check required of all University of Georgia Extension Volunteers.

When is the Training?

The next Master Gardener Training Program is scheduled to begin January 2023. The class will meet 5:00pm - 7:30pm each Tuesday and Wednesday for 10 weeks until the class ends with a Final Exam and Graduation Ceremony in March 2023.

How Can You Apply to be a Master Gardener?

Application and selection is the first step to becoming a Master Gardener. Because of the level and responsibility associated with the MGEV title, background screening, reference checking, and interview sessions precede acceptance into the program. The interview functions to match potential volunteers with the available project opportunities. The applicant’s availability and willingness to volunteer, suitability for volunteer assignments, previous volunteer experience, and specific skills are all important factors in the selection process. Also a part of the application and selection process is the signing of a few forms, like the UGA Volunteer Agreement and the Georgia Master Gardener Extension Volunteer Application.

How much is registration?

Registration for the Master Gardener Class costs $225. Richmond County Extension accepts payments of cash, check, or money order payable to Richmond County Extension.

Registration fees cover the cost of lectures, training, instructional materials and supplies used during class, in addition to your copy of the Georgia Master Gardener Handbook and your MGEV name badge.