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Georgia Master Naturalist

Ruby-throated Hummingbird

Phinizy Center and Nature Park offers a Georgia Master Naturalist certification program. Visit Phinizy's webpage for more information.

Phinizy Center Georgia Master Naturalist Program


The Georgia Master Naturalist program is a series of weekly programs with specific environmental topics. This program is a hands-on environmental education course that exploreslogo for master naturalist habitats and ecosystems in Georgia and human impacts on those environments. The sessions are customized to local habitats such as swamps, ponds, rivers, wetlands, mountains, forests, farms, urban landscapes and the issues affecting these habits. This program is a combination of lectures and outside hands-on learning through field studies and relevant resources. The program subject matter follows a standard format but is adjusted to meet local conditions and draw upon local expertise in the instructors. An informed person can help make changes in their lives as well as their community and safeguard the environment. After completing this fun and interactive program, Georgia Master Naturalists are encouraged to share their knowledge with their communities by volunteering in local schools or nature centers.


The Georgia Master Naturalist program is an Adult Environmental Education course developed by the UGA Warnell School of Forestry & Natural Resources and UGA Cooperative Extension for people who wish to be more informed about habitats, natural resources and the natural environments of our state.


The mission of the Georgia Master Naturalist program is to provide unbiased, scientifically accurate information about environmental issues for adults.

Areas of Discovery

Topics may include:
Ecological Principles
Water Quality
Native Plants
Urban Forestry
Environmental Awareness