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Testing Services

Soil testing

helps you develop and maintain a more productive soil by providing information on nutrient levels and soil pH. The basic soil test, our most popular test, checks for pH/Lime Requirement, Phosphorus, Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc, and Manganese. We offer a myriad of soil tests. For additional soil testing options, contact our office. Basic Soil Test costs $8. For information on how to take a proper soil sample, download the soil testing brochure.


Water samples

can also be tested for a variety of purposes. The basic water test checks for pH, water hardness, and the presence of 16 minerals. Basic Water Test costs $22. For more information on water testing, download the water testing brochure.


Plant samples

often need to be screened for insect damage, the presence of disease, or general identification. Basic plant diagnosis is an in-office service we offer free of charge. We ask that when coming into the office for diagnosis, you call ahead to confirm a time to meet with an agent. The agent will meet with you, look over your sample, and offer a recommendation for control or improvement.


The complete list of testing services are found in the UGA Testing Fee Schedule. Please note that prices in the fee schedule do not include postage and therefore do not reflect county testing prices. Prices and availability of testing services are subject to change.


Acceptable forms of Payment:

Cash, Money Order, Certified Check, or Personal Check payable to Richmond County Extension are acceptable forms of payment.


Contact Us

For general questions or more information about soil/water testing in Richmond County, please contact 706-821-2350.