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Campbell Vaughn's Augusta Chronicle Articles

10.21.21 Paper wasps at fairgrounds had crew all abuzz

10.14.21 Youngsters will put their best feet forward at the Georgia-Carolina State Fair livestock show

10.07.21 Indianmeal moth could be making meal in your pantry

09.30.21 Tea olive is nice addition for any landscape

09.23.21 Need to extinguish invasive fire ants? Here's how

09.16.21 'Well, I'll be': Shining the light on Allegiant Stadium's natural turf field

09.09.21 Make a plan to attend meeting of Master Gardeners in Augusta

09.02.21 September is the time to take charge of weeds

08.26.21 Dove population in the yard bodes well for hunting season in Georgia

08.19.21 Here's what works best for post-emergence grassy weed control

08.12.21 All hands on deck for the Great Georgia Pollinator Census

08.05.21 Water woes out west help us put Lake Thurmond in perspective

07.29.21 Armyworms again marching through Georgia

07.22.21 Good on you, South Carolina, for banning the Bradford pear

07.15.21 Don't let vines take over your landscape

07.08.21 Weeds are growing as quickly as the grass

07.01.21 Fourth of July turns attention to BBQ, fun and mole crickets

06.24.21 This trio of invasive species is taking over

06.17.21 Son's insect project has me buzzing with excitement

06.10.21 It's time to talk about when, how much to water your lawn

06.03.21 Pink or blue? You can influence the color of hydrangeas

05.27.21 Its the little things that can destroy your landscape

05.20.21 Help your plants be ready for the hotter days ahead

05.13.21 Keep eye out for invading crape myrtle bark scale

05.06.21 Resilient Peggy Martin rose makes name for itself

04.29.21 Backyard is going to the birds and that's OK

04.22.21 Admire the perennials and think about when to fertilize your lawn

04.15.21 How sweet it is! Vidalia Onions are on the way!

04.08.21 Augusta National's beauty actually began as a plant nursery

04.01.21 Let's rethink Georgia's state flower

03.25.21 Let's get down to the nitty-gritty on soils

03.18.21 Those tiny dirt mounds are actually one-room bee condos

03.11.21 Finding balance with nature can be squirrelly business

03.04.21 Saucer magnolias are puttin' on a show

02.25.21 It's time to think about weeds, not flowers just yet

02.18.21 Flowers we're used to seeing by now are late

02.11.21 Georgia, don't be fooled by weed killer marketing

02.04.21 Groundhog weather news is better down South

01.29.21 Roots are at the root of healthy plants

01.21.21 Plants are saying 'it's just time to chill'

01.14.21 Use these tips for installing healthy lawn for future

01.07.21 A lesson in sod and when you can plant it

12.31.20 Weather this year, like 2020, was strange

12.24.20 Boxwood can add to landscape nicely

12.17.20 Plants have long added to holiday lore

12.10.20 Berry producers will add color to landscape

12.03.20 What is that 'white fluff'?

11.26.20 It's time for some Christmas tree trivia

11.19.20 Documentary has me buzzing about honeybees

11.12.20 No azaleas, but pretty fall colors nonetheless

11.05.20 Get to the root of healthy plants

10.29.20 What's that stench? Stinkhorns

10.23.20 Curious critters can be identified

10.16.20 Know how to spot poison ivy

10.09.20 Remembering a Bucket full of love

10.01.20 Try these tips for successful fall planting

09.24.20 Fall tasks could include pruning, dividing, planting

09.18.20 Centipede grass is low-maintenance, not 'no-maintenance'

09.10.20 Water isn't always a good thing for landscape

09.03.20 UGA project fishes for underwater data

08.27.20 Take care of some yard things now, save time later

08.21.20 Do NOT eat those mushrooms

08.13.20 Chinch bug damage to lawn can be treated

08.06.20 Catch the buzz and count bugs with us

07.30.20 A look at a weed and a warning about seeds

07.23.20 Chamberbitter is weed worth griping about

07.16.20 Saharan dust was annoying, but also ecologically vital

07.09.20 Enjoy 'Limelight' hydrangeas in full bloom

06.30.20 Now is the time to rid lawn of mole crickets

06.25.20 Drain flies pose unique challenge

06.19.20 For healthy lawn, take time to mow right

06.11.20 Trees damaged by this beetle can't be saved

06.04.20 Slime mold is harmless, short-lived fungi

05.28.20 Rosemary is fragrant addition to your garden

05.22.20 Your toes know: Burweed is a problem

05.14.20 Some spring visitors welcome, others not so much

05.07.20 May turns people's attention to grass

04.29.20 How sweet it is! Vidalias for sale again

04.23.20 Not sure what I'm talking about? Here's a primer

04.16.20 Wee critters are clover mites, but don't squash 'em

04.09.20 It's time for spring pruning, turf care

04.02.20 Try backyard fun with seeds, worms

03.27.20 The trickle-down effect of COVID-19

03.19.20 While stuck at home, tackle your 'punch list'

03.13.20 Pine pollen blows in, but for a brief time  

03.04.20 Live in Augusta? Don't use weed and feed on your lawn

02.27.20 As seasons merge, we get double the weeds

02.20.20 Pear trees are pretty, but in the wrong places

02.13.20 Learn about local environment in Master Naturalist Program

02.07.20 It's prime time to spot the trees

01.31.20 Some bloomers are popping out now

01.23.20 Peruse blooms, enter your own at Augusta Camellia Show

01.16.20 How do insecticides kill those creepy crawlers?

01.09.20 That loud call could be a whip-poor-will

01.02.20 What does 12 inches of rain really mean?

12.19.19 Entomologist pal shares tips about ticks

12.11.19 Animal group names might surprise you

12.05.19 Christmas Cactus add color for the holiday

11.27.19 Let the Christmas tree hunting begin

11.21.19 Wintery weather reminds of Denali, working dogs

11.14.19 It's time for fall planting, Be sure to do it right

11.07.19 SWAG Team seeks to boost skills for women farmers

10.25.19 To Prune or not to prune? it depends

10.17.19 Livestock shows are a highlight of Georgia-Carolina State Fair

10.10.19 Autumn berries brighten yard as summer colors fade

09.26.19 With fall upon us, there are garden chores to do

09.19.19 Make those roots get off the couch

09.12.19 Fragrant tea olive benefits any landscape

09.05.19 Want those weeds gone? Here are some options

08.29.19 There are ways to 'put out' fire ants

08.22.19 Check these lawn-care tips as we head into fall

08.15.19 Who wants to count bugs?

08.07.19 Grow your gardening know-how with the UGA Extension lecture series

08.01.19 Crop duster's skill is thrill to watch

07.25.19 Muir Woods amazes 'tree nerd', everyone else too

07.18.19 Aeration is key to a healthy lawn

07.11.19 'Good bugs' vs. 'Bad bugs'

07.04.19 July is time for landscape fireworks

06.27.19 Insects are amazing. Here's why

06.20.19 Hackberry trees are under attack

06.13.19 For healthy fishing pond, remove fish

06.12.19 Don't be a lawn scalper

05.30.19 Lightning bugs are something to smile about

05.23.19 Hot, dry days aren't so bad for the landscape

05.16.19 Here's the low-down on loquat

05.09.19 Rose rosette disease is knocking out roses

05.02.19 Feral hogs are invading our space, literally

04.25.19 Let the pruning begin

04.19.19 Sacred Heart Garden Festival not to be missed

04.11.19 Augusta National grounds got start as nursery

04.04.19 It's not just a big tree, it's a champion

03.28.19 Enjoy the color explosion

03.21.19 Pollen, a topic that should be covered

03.14.19 It's time to enjoy the booming blooming

03.07.19 Take note: Our grass does not need Weed and Feed

02.28.19 Get those weeds before they get you

02.21.19 Sign up now to be a Georgia Master Naturalist

02.14.19 Valentine's Day reminds us of year-round rose care

02.07.19 Flowering cherry trees are a seasonal highlight

01.31.19 Citrus greening is death sentence

01.24.19 Augusta Camellia Show welcomes your blooms

01.17.19 Fireplace offers cozy warmth, but use it wisely

01.10.19 Landscape gadgets make for efficient work

01.03.19 How about a new state flower for Georgia?

12.27.18 In 2018, Georgia was more like Seattle

12.20.18 Cacti will reward with holiday blooms

12.13.18 Wilting, discolored plant could be sign of root rot

12.06.18 Georgia is partial to Leyland Cypress for Christmas

11.29.18 American chestnut trees still here, but hidden

11.22.18 Conditions ripe for devastating California wildfires

11.15.18 What is that white stuff, and other questions

11.08.18 Let's get to the root of what makes plants grow

11.01.18 The right plantings will bring on fall color

10.25.18 Georgia's agriculture suffers greatly from hurricane

10.18.18 Figure out the fungus, then fight it

10.11.18 Livestock Show adds to 'Big Fun' at Georgia-Carolina State Fair

10.04.18 Red spider lily is sign of fall

09.27.18 It's time for fall plantings

09.20.18 Poison ivy or Virginia creeper? Be sure you know

09.13.18 To grow moss, or not to, that is the question

09.06.18 Sooty mold makes a big mess

08.30.18 Thorny plants can block sticky situations

08.23.18 Do these yard tasks now, save time later

08.16.18 European hornets wreak havoc on dogwood

08.09.18 Here's how to kill a plant without trying

08.02.18 Spotting a cicada can be a fun lesson

07.26.18 Bahiagrass known to grow for miles and miles

07.19.18 Limelight hydrangeas bring explosions of white to landscapes

07.12.18 Don't let chinch bugs feast on lawn

07.05.18 Now's perfect time to study bald eagles

06.28.18 Few people want to weed out chamberbitter

06.21.18 While we perspire, plants transpire

06.14.18 Kingsnakes are the 'boss of the landscape'

06.07.18 Lightning bugs do more than light the night

05.31.18 Century plant draws attention now and then

05.24.18 Daylilies are on display these days

05.17.18 Unpopular moles can be popular topic

05.10.18 Take a look at your lawn

05.03.18 Vidalias sweeten economy for Georgia

04.26.18 Doodlebugs have cute name, but are nasty

04.19.18 It's time to prune the azaleas

04.12.18 Hen gets college boy hooked on backyard birds

04.06.18 Round after round, Fruitland's beauty remains

03.29.18 Project allows study of waterfowl

03.22.18 Enjoy the showy spring blooms

03.15.18 Cherokee Rose is Georgia's state flower, but...

03.08.18 There is a point to all this pollen

03.01.18 Beautiful Bradford pear has a dark side

02.22.18 Forget what I told you. Get that preemergence out herbicide out soon

02.15.18 Early blooms tell us spring is near

02.08.18 Consider the mode of action when killing bugs

02.01.18 Georgia Master Naturalist program offers closer study of our natural resources

01.25.18 What exactly is a dirt dauber or mud dauber?

01.18.18 Camellia Show to bloom again in Augusta

01.11.18 View nature's treasures at Phinizy Swamp, Audubon

01.04.18 Send coffee grounds to the garden

12.28.17 Recycled Christmas trees will make fish habitats, mulch

12.22.17 Holiday traditions include plants, but why?

12.14.17 We're off to a good start for 'chill hours'

12.07.17 Asparagus can be landscape accent and part of a meal

11.29.17 Ginkgo tree is beautiful living fossil

11.16.17 It's time to pick the perfect Christmas tree

11.09.17 When is the right time to prune plants? It depends

11.02.17 Status of tomato can be a taxing question

10.26.17 It's rare to spot a brown recluse in these parts

10.19.17 Yard mushrooms are out, but don't eat 'em

10.12.17 Georgia-Carolina State Fair showcases livestock and their handlers

10.05.17 Include plan for wildlife in your backyard

09.28.17 It's time for fall yard chores

09.21.17 No matter how you say it, pecans put Georgia on top

09.15.17 Tea olive is nice addition for any landscape

09.07.17 It's time to get in front of the weeds

08.31.17 It's time to divide flowering plants

08.24.17 Be on watch for cinch bugs, army worms

08.17.17 There's a way to end griping about gripeweed

08.10.17 Biggest battle lately is with grassy type weeds

08.03.17 More than one way to control weedy vines

07.27.17 Know the secrets to picking a ripe melon

07.20.17 Sea turtle class was highlight of recent 4-H trip

07.13.17 Tomato diseases can be more plentiful than plants

07.07.17 There are ways to avoid turf problems

06.30.17 Where did these gnats come from?

06.22.17 That yellow stunner is a goldfinch

06.15.17 You can have hydrangeas if you have three things

06.08.17 Good mowing equals a nice lawn

06.01.17 Here's a tip roundup for using glyphosate

05.25.17 Daylilies bring colorful variety to the garden

05.18.17 Lightning bugs are something to smile about

05.11.17 Loquat serves nicely for landscape, table

05.04.17 Vidalia onions are oh so sweet for Georgia economy

04.28.17 Time to prune, dig up weeds and fertilize

04.20.17 See a large tree? It may qualify for the Champion Tree Program

04.13.17 Signs of Asian ambrosia beetle easy to pick out

04.06.17 You won't see azaleas' beauty, but you can still learn about them

03.30.17 Georgia keeps watchful eye on bird flu

03.16.17 Look out for stressed pine trees

03.09.17 Weed control may seem beyond control

03.02.17 Those white spots on your plants aren't fungus

02.23.17 Put out pre-emergence herbicide soon to avoid weedy summer

02.16.17 Just enjoy early spring, despite its side effects

02.09.17 Phinizy program will make you a Master Naturalist

01.26.17 Privet, kudzu and hydrilla - a trio of invasive plants

01.19.17 Pollen is actually a good thing

01.12.17 Native plants have much to offer

01.06.17 You can plant sod in winter... sort of