UGA Extension Office

In School 4-H Clubs

All 5th graders in Coweta County Schools participate in an in school 4-H Club! An Extension Agent or Program Assistant will come to all 5th grade classrooms once per month.  In addition to sharing with the students opportunities within 4-H, the program assistant will teach a lesson correlated to Georgia Standards of Excellence for Science and English Language Arts.  Students within the school clubs will elect officers to lead the meetings each month. This gives students the opportunity to demonstrate leadership skills.

All in school clubs will participate in Project Achievement.

Students will:

  • Pick a topic
  • Research
  • Write a speech
  • Create visuals
  • Deliver the speech to their classmates at their school

Students will have the opportunity to compete at County Project Achievement to earn the opportunity to attend District Project Achievement held each year at Rock Eagle 4-H Center.  Participation in District Project Achievement allows students to apply for scholarships to camp as well as have access to early camp sign up.


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