Check out this highlight of the Henry County MG SPROUTS program on Garden Delights. Watch from the beginning or navigate to 3:26.


MG SPROUTS is a Master Gardener Extension Volunteer-led statewide, horticulture program created by UGA Extension's Georgia Master Gardener Program State Office for kids ages 6-8. Popular children’s literature provides a base for each of the six sessions. Groups read a garden-related story aloud and explore the world of plants through hands-on horticulture, writing, games and other fun activities. MG SPROUTS materials are now available!


Are GA MGEVs in your county considering conducting a MG SPROUTS program? What do you need to know?

MG SPROUTS was developed to meet Master Gardener Extension Volunteers requests for youth horticulture materials. It’s a project-in-a-box approach that requires no garden space, and can be delivered regardless of weather or season. It uses a read-aloud session to engage young participants in stories, introducing concepts about growing things and the natural world. Lively discussion about the story is followed by hands-on activities and games. The My SPROUTS Journal and Grow-On! take-home sheets help engage the participant’s family in his or her discovery of the growing world.

Did GA MGEVs in your county conduct a MG SPROUTS program? Tell us about it!

MG SPROUTS Project Impact Site

Why do we ask?

  • Website location for sharing the results of the KWLs
  • Allows the SPO to aggregate results across the state for groups that are leading SPROUTS projects
  • Creation of annual impact statement



Project In-A-Box

MG SPROUTS in Portfolio View
(MG SPROUTS package is in a PDF portfolio format. It is a large file so it may be slow to load. This format makes it easy to scroll through the entire package online and view or download as you view. Check page orientation before printing.)


Extra Materials

Contact the SPO for additional program supplies (pencils and rulers).