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Continuing Education

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2020 Online Regional Leadership Conferences

Join us for this year’s Regional Leadership Conference series as we learn how to develop and deliver a strong Extension message that engages the community around plants and gardening. After delaying our series out of an abundance of concern for your health and that of our communities, we are excited to re-start the series…in a new format!

We will continue with the three RLC dates on the calendar and we’ll meet via distance using Zoom. During our time together, we’ll discuss our communication topic. Our virtual host and representatives of the Georgia Master Gardener Association (GMGA) will briefly join in the conversation, as well. We’ll then “open the floor” for questions from you! RLCs are FREE, but registration is required.

November 6, 2020 | Communicate for Community | 10 AM - 12 PM

August 21, 2020 Communicate to Cultivate Resources

June 19, 2020 Communicate to Connect Resources

Continuing education (CE) is informal instruction on a gardening or related topic.

It keeps the MGEV informed and knowledgeable about the latest gardening topics and research. Continuing education tends to be informal education events, such as an organized class, workshop, or seminar, where the MGEV is the student. Appropriate events should have some structure, like a speaker, defined time and place, and a specific topic.

Examples include presentations given by speakers at the meetings of horticultural organizations, including MGEV organizations; national and international conferences; Extension workshops and presentations; and classes at Georgia public gardens.

There are lots of opportunities to acquire continuing education. Some topics are specific to the MGEV role. Some topics are more horticulturally focused, like how to prune Japanese maples, the “good bugs/bad bugs” series, or presentations about conifers. Other training topics may be more specific to the MGEV role, such as how to use MGLOG or about risk management training for working with youth. All of these topics are legitimate for expanding the MGEV knowledge base and staying up-to-date.

MGEVs are encouraged to seek at least 6 hours of continuing education each year and report it within MGLOG. It is the responsibility of the individual to accurately and punctually report training hours within MGLOG. Attendance at events where the MGEV is the student should not be reported as volunteer service.

Be sure to regularly record your continuing education in MGLOG. Instructions for recording continuing education are included on the MGLOG Resources page.

Thoughtful Thursdays: a monthly webinar series for GA MGEVs brought to you by the State Program Office

During our monthly webinar (usually the second Thursday from 2-2:30 pm), UGA specialists share updates on a variety of horticulture topics with MGEVs. We use Zoom for these sessions so MGEVs, trainees, Extension agents and staff can join in wherever they are in the state. MGEVs, we hope you are able to join in for this first Thoughtful Thursday session of 2020. If you can’t attend the live session, be sure to catch the recording through your MGLOG profile. Then, make sure you record this continuing education opportunity in MGLOG. These 30 minute sessions are entered as 0.50 hours of CE. Be sure to include the 0 before the decimal point so that the system saves the entry correctly.

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Upcoming Topics:

  • August | Soils, Jason Lessl
  • September | Program Sharing, Karol Kelly and Kathy Hensley
  • October | Fall Turf Update, Clint Waltz
  • November | Master Mentoring, Keri Hobbs