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help desk, plant clinic, and demonstration

Extension Help Desk

MGEVs greet the public in the Extension office to solve client issues and provide solutions for consumer horticulture and gardening questions. MGEVs are trained to analyze samples and offer a recommendation, becoming knowledgeable about insect, disease, and cultural problems that affect home landscapes and gardens.

Plant Clinics

A plant clinic is a mobile help desk that is set up out in the community. Usually held at a public venue, such as a library, farmers’ market, or local retail store, plant clinics allow MGEVs to go into the community and help solve gardening questions and issues.

Presentations and Demonstrations

MGEVs prepare to deliver Extension presentations on select gardening topics. They respond to public requests for short presentations on gardening topics.


A landscape or garden planting designed and maintained under the supervision of an Extension agent can be used to teach horticultural principles and practices as part of an Extension education program. When combined with workshops and presentations for the public, these gardens are used to model gardening techniques or plant choices that are part of Extension recommendations. There are several types of gardens, including:

demonstration, community, and historic gardens

Demonstration gardens are for teaching horticultural principles and practices as part of an Extension education program. These gardens offer a way for people to learn through observation, interpretive materials, or tours led by MGEVs.

Community gardens are places for growing fresh food. MGEVs often help develop community gardens as well as share Extension-based directions for growing fruits and vegetables.

MGEVs can provide horticultural expertise at historic gardens that have local cultural and economic importance. Involvement with and support of these locally significant gardens can be helpful for building partnerships.

horticultural shows, exhibits, and written materials

Horticultural Shows

These are events designed to allow both expert and beginner growers to showcase their gardening ability in a friendly, yet competitive setting. MGEVs plan, organize, and sponsor horticultural shows to promote horticultural awareness and skill within their communities.


Exhibits addressing horticultural/ environmental topics offer an opportunity to bring Extension’s resources and the MGEV program to the public as part of a community or regional event. Every exhibit staffed by MGEVs is clearly identified and connected to UGA Extension and the Georgia MGEV Program.

Written Materials

MGEVs research, write, and edit materials about gardening topics for residential audiences. These materials may be used for printed resources, such as a local newspaper column, magazine articles, or newsletters, or could be used on Extension’s website or social media sites. Materials may also be considered for fact sheets, brochures, and PowerPoint presentations. Extension staff must approve these materials prior to release and distribution.

radio programs, community projects, and youth projects

TV and Radio Programs

MGEVs help to provide timely information on horticultural/ environmental topics broadcast through regular radio programs, podcasts, and television programs. Extension staff must approve these materials prior to release and distribution.

Community Projects

Improvement and beautification projects can be opportunities for MGEVs to lead other community members or groups in gardening activities that can be used to teach and educate about sustainable horticulture.

Youth Horticulture Projects

MGEVs are involved in projects that teach youth about horticulture and gardening.