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flowers and succulents

Volunteers benefit from the training, networking with other garden enthusiasts, and the opportunity to serve their communities.

Master Gardener Organizations

Master Gardener organizations or associations (MGOs) serve the purpose of supporting Cooperative Extension and the Master Gardener Extension Volunteer experience. Formal MGOs are not required. The leadership structure of MGOs can provide the framework to delegate project responsibilities and tasks as well as create a communication network between the Agent, coordinators, and volunteers. Meetings, events and gatherings of the MGO provide camaraderie and networking and social opportunities to MGEVs, which enhances the volunteer experience. Membership in a MGO is not required for active status and is not a substitute for active status.

Georgia Master Gardener Association 

A state organization of MGEVs, Georgia Master Gardener Association (GMGA), connects MGEVs across the state of Georgia. They offer an annual conference and a grant program to support educational projects. To learn more about the association, its vision, and its mission, check out the GMGA website