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Soil Testing

Soil Testing drop box with supplies located by office door

Soil samples are priced at $7.00 per sample payable by cash or check. One sandwich bag full of soil free of rocks, and twigs, etc. is needed for each separate area. The sample that is submitted should be made up of several random samples taken across the area. Take the sample approximately 6" deep for a garden and an approximate depth of 4" for a lawn. Mix all of the random samples in a bucket and fill one sandwich bag full from that collective sample. Samples must be delivered to the Extension Office. Testing may take up to 10-14 days. We will mail you the results via U.S. Post Office or e-mail. Please contact our office with any questions about this procedure.

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Turf Sample Submissions

The ability to correctly diagnose turf diseases or disorders is only as good as the quality of the sample and/or photo(s) received as well as the information provided on the disease submission sheet.  Images can be sumitted with physical samples or as just a digital submission.  Diseases and disorders are often influenced by condiditons in the surrounding site.  Therefore, image submissions should include both close-ups of the problem and the entire plant including surrounding conditions.  Images alone may not provide enough information for confirmation of a disease and a follow-up physical sample may be needed, but images can be an important part of the diagnostic process.

If submitting a physical sample, it is best to submit fresh samples to the Extension office on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday mornings so they can be shipped to the lab to arrive during the work week. Please bring samples in the same day that they are taken. Dried out turf is not possible to diagnose.

1.       Remove a solid section of turf 12" x 12” square including roots and soil.  The sample should be taken from the border of the problem area and include a portion of healthy-looking turf so that the sample shows a range of disease symptoms.   The sample should have good portions of both healthy looking and unhealthy looking turf,  and  the  sample must include the intact roots of both healthy and unhealthy turf with the underlying soil (approximately 3-4” depth). Photo showing where to take sample  

2.       Wrap diseased specimens in newspaper or paper towels (to absorb any extra moisture) and place and seal in a gallon plastic zip lock bag. Do not add any additional moisture (see link below with photo example). Photo showing properly packaged turf

3.       Take a photo of the overall lawn area that shows both healthy and failing turf and email it to  In the email message, please let us know that this photo goes along with a turf sample that will be brought in for processing. Include name and address for sample.  The photo will help the lab see the pattern of declining areas and help with diagnosis.

4.       Turf sample cost is $14 cash or check.  There is no charge for digital diagnosis.  Our office is not able to process credit/debit cards.

(Fill out Turf Sample Submission Form; Save to your files - example save as name: J. Smith-centipede turf; Print and bring copy in with your sample or email to


Water Testing

How to take a water sample (written directions), includes shipping instructions

Basic (W1) & Expanded (W2) Water Testing Submission Form (*document time & date of sample)

Contact us for test kit instructions if needing to pick up or drop off samples during non-business hours. Procedure will be similar to Soil Testing.  Call 912-576-3219 or

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UGA's Basic Water Test is priced at $21.00 payable by cash or check. Please collect your sample from the first draw of the day, in a clean, clear, lidded container. Basic water testing will reveal pH and hardness as well as determine traces of 15 different elements.

For more extensive testing including E. coli and bacteria testing, please contact our office for further information on testing prices and procedures.

  • Basic Water Test - $21
  • Lead Test - $41
  • E. Coli Test - $46
  • Expanded Water Test - $62
  • Home Loan Closing Water Test - $95 (with PH add additional $5)

Other Services

Camden County Extension also offers other testing services including:

  • Plant tissue analysis
  • Animal Waste
  • Feeds and forages
  • Biosolids
  • Pesticides and hazardous waste
  • Other special analyses

For more  information about other testing services that are offered through the university please give our office a call or visit Agriculture and Environmental Services Lab website .