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Cloverleaf Project Achievement (5th - 6th)

photo of 2023 Cloverleaf DPA Participants

Cloverleaf Project Achievement

Prepare Now for Cloverleaf Project Achievement - March 23, 2024 - Bacon County

4-H’ers are encouraged to complete a speech with at least three posters on any topic they choose. The 4-H’ers will give a demonstration in the classroom and at the district event called District Project Achievement. At the Cloverleaf level (5th & 6th grade), D.P.A. is a one-day event in Alma, Ga (Bacon County 4-H Office).



So what is in it for me? Free trip, free lunch, fun day & carnival games with friends, represent Camden Co., and an awesome learning experience. Wow, you will be proud of yourself!

What to do:

  1. Pick a project from the list.
  2. Pick a topic within your project. Look for something that interests you. For example: Project: Archaeology/Topic: Mummies
  3. Develop your presentation (demonstration). Try to narrow your subject to one main idea.
  4. Use an outline to help you organize your presentation and make a supply list.
    • Introduction
    • Body of the demonstration
    • Conclusion
  5. Write out your presentation and put on index cards.
  6. Prepare your visual aids (posters, props, PowerPoint, etc.)
  7. Practice your demonstration: take a deep breath and begin with a smile.
Shawnie Sahadeo, 4-H Agent is here to help!