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Project Achievement

Project Achievement is an opportunity to get ahead in life and overcome fears!  Read on to find out about the levels of competition, and check out more information at the Georiga 4-H Website. 

Cloverleaf Project Achievement

4-H’ers are encouraged to complete a speech with at least three posters on any topic they choose. The 4-H’ers will give a demonstration in the classroom and at the district event called District Project Achievement. At the Cloverleaf level (5th & 6th grade), D.P.A. is a one-day event in Alma, Ga.

So what is in it for me? Free trip, free lunch, fun day & carnival games with friends, represent Camden Co., and an awesome learning experience. Wow, you will be proud of yourself!

What to do:

  1. Pick a project from the list.
  2. Pick a topic within your project. Look for something that interests you. For example: Project: Archaeology/Topic: Mummies
  3. Develop your presentation (demonstration). Try to narrow your subject to one main idea.
  4. Use an outline to help you organize your presentation and make a supply list.
    • Introduction
    • Body of the demonstration
    • Conclusion
  5. Write out your presentation and put on index cards.
  6. Prepare your visual aids (posters, props, PowerPoint, etc.)
  7. Practice your demonstration: take a deep breath and begin with a smile.

Junior-Senior Project Achievement

As a Junior (7-8th grade) & Senior (9-12th grade) 4-H member, Project Achievement becomes a two part competition. You still pick a topic or activity that you enjoy and want to share with other people, and prepare a presentation related to that topic. The second part is a portfolio of all your activities throughout the year from January – December including project work, 4-H, school, work, and community activities. This relates to resume writing and gives you resume building and public speaking skills, as well as, provides an excellent opportunity to develop leadership and citizen skills. You earn a free trip to Rock Eagle 4-H Center with fun, games and dances with your 4-H friends. Also, if you place first at the Senior level, you will receive a free trip to State Congress in Atlanta during the summer, to compete on the state level.