UGA Extension Office

Expanded Food & Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP)

The Expanded Food & Nutrition Education Program is funded through USDA NIFA and available through Cooperative Extension Services in all 50 states.  For over 30 years, EFNEP has been helping families with children learn how to eat healthier meals & snacks, stretch their food dollars and reduce the risk of food-borne illness.  EFNEP offers curriculum for adults and teenagers in 9th-12th grade and is taught as a series to encourage behavioral changes among participants. 

Visit the UGA EFNEP website to learn more. 

If your organization is interested in a series of classes, free of charge, please contact EFNEP Program Assistant, Suzanne Walker, at 912-554-7577 for scheduling.

EFNEP Ida Hilton

Program Assistant, Suzanne Walker, taught Food Talk at the Ida Hilton Library in Darien.  There were a total of 10 graduates from the program.  Suzanne can be found teaching nutrition education at local businesses, apartment complexes and the high school. 


Food Talk Classes

The Food Talk curriculum is designed to teach limited- resource adults with children or “emerging adults” that are aged 18-24, how to make healthy food & lifestyle choices. Food Talk consists of eight lessons, each containing interactive learning through activities and recipe demonstrations.

Adults that enroll in the Food Talk series learn how to:

  • Plan low cost meals
  • Prepare quick & healthy meals & snacks
  • Shop for the best grocery store deals
  • Keep foods safe to eat
  • Eat right to prevent chronic disease


Benefits of graduating from Food Talk:        

  • Graduation certificate upon completion
  • Free recipe demonstrations & shopping tips
  • Learn skills towards building healthy habits

Teen Cuisine Classes

Teen Cuisine is a series of six lessons that teach the youth life skills and promote optimal health. The curriculum encourages making informed food and lifestyle choices which can lead to positive eating patterns and improved health.  Each lesson consists of a variety of activities on nutrition, food safety, food preparation, and physical activity. 

Youth in 9th-12th grade qualify for the Teen Cuisine program.  Please contact us for scheduling.