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In School 4-H Club Meetings

In school 4-H club meetings are the core of 4-H programming and provide students leadership experiences and hands-on learning. Students engage in group activities that promote personal development, a sense of citizenship, and character education.
McIntosh County 4-H partners with the McIntosh County School System to see all 4th through 8th-grade students in McIntosh County monthly during the school year. This is approximately 450 students served at 25 club meetings each month.
McIntosh County 4-H works closely with the school system to ensure standards-based content is delivered to all students. The following topics are examples of what is taught during in-school club meetings:
  • Weather Tools - Building Anemometers
  • Physical States of Matter - Oobleck & Slime
  • Phases of the Moon - Oreo Moons
  • Electricity - Electric Art
  • Live Reptiles - Life Science/Classification
  • Energy - Building Air-Powered Cars
  • Less Stress on the Test & 4-H Yoga
  • Simple Machines - Building Catapults
  • Sound Waves - Building Harmonicas
  • Soil Science - Creating Edible Soil

Summer Camp Programming

4-H camp offers adventure, friendship, and fun, and seeks to develop the camper’s Head, Heart, Hands, and Health to make him or her a better person. During camp, campers experience classes that may include canoeing, archery, swimming, arts and crafts, and environmental education. Campers make memories that will be cherished for years to come. Self-discovery and group dynamics offered by a week away from home in a residential camping setting help young people develop their independence and build positive relationships with their peers and adults in a safe and fun environment.
40 McIntosh County 4-H’ers in 4th- 11th grades attended summer camp around the state with 27 of those attending Cloverleaf Camp at Rock Eagle 4-H Center from June 12-16. McIntosh County was one of 23 Georgia counties represented at this event and was also part of the Cherokee tribe!

Other 4-H Highlights

Spring and summer have been a busy time of growth, learning, and fun for all of our McIntosh County 4-H members. Some of the other activities and events that we participated in include: 

  • Pennies for Pets Donations to MCAS
  • Can Tabs Donations to RMHC
  • Adopt-a-Highway & Tree Planting with Keep McIntosh Beautiful
  • Spring Coloring Contest & Seeds
  • Club of the Year Parties
  • Teen Leader Training
  • State Council High School Conference
  • Savannah Bananas Baseball Game
  • Ag Day with MCA
  • Southeast District Senior Board Member Elected, Lucas Spinks
  • Junior Naturalist Program with Camden County
  • 4-H Yoga and Reptiles at the Ida Hilton Library
  • Summer Waves DPA Reward Trip
  • DNR Fishing Day with Bacon & Coffee Counties
  • Oceans of Fun @ GAEL Conference

Awards Won

Lauryn received the National 4-H Achievement in Service Award during the GAE4-HYDP State Conference held in Vidalia, GA on May 2nd, 2023
McIntosh County 4-H received 3rd Place for Highest Percent of Participation during Cloverleaf (4th-6th grade) District Project Achievement in March.

group of 4-H campers in their camp tribe color orange4-H Cloverleaf participants at Rock Eagle Camp
4-H Campers taking group photo before departing for summer camp standing in front of bus4-H Campers taking group photo before departing for summer camp
4 people in image, holding certificate for award won4-H Agent with McIntosh County Teen Leaders accepting the 3rd Place for Highest Percent Participation award
4-H Agent, Lauryn Gilmer, accepting her National 4-H Achievement in Service Award4-H Agent, Lauryn Gilmer, accepting her National 4-H Achievement in Service Award
group of 4-H district board members in their green blazersSoutheast District Board. McIntosh County 4-H representative Lucas Spinks (second row, left end)

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Agriculture and Natural Resources 

Youth Gardening at the Library

The Extension Office has partnered with the Ida Hilton Library to provide educational and enjoyable activities for the school aged children of McIntosh County. The Agriculture and Natural Resources focus has been on gardening. This quarter, our session was on Honeybees!
April 29, we had 6 participants. The session was led by two Master Gardener Extension Volunteers. They discussed the rolls of bees in the hive, did a honey taste test, and performed a skit demonstrating the various jobs honeybees have.

Bee Club

McIntosh County Residents enjoy beekeeping. This is a hobby that can turn into an agricultural venture for those interested in expanding their apiary. UGA Extension supports those who participate in this agricultural commodity by hosting a monthly Bee Club meeting.
McIntosh Bee Club meets on the second Wednesday each month at 6:00. The American Legion hosts these meetings. We have 8 regular attendees, guests have attended the last several meetings, 53 recipients on the email list, and 39 members in the Facebook group. New beekeepers have connected with mentors through these interactions as well.

Other Highlights 

Rain Barrel Workshop

Coastal Resources Division of the Department of Natural Resources led a Build Your Own Rain Barrel Workshop June 15. We had 9 participants join.

Native Plant Sale

April 1 we set up a table and shared educational information with 70 participants.

Beekeeping Training

In order to better provide educational information to the McIntosh Bee Club, MC Halbrook has been participating in Chatham County's Beekeeping Basics Training. Occurs monthly from January-July.

Spartina Garden Club

The Spartina Garden Club invited MC Halbrook to present at their April 26th meeting. The presentation reviewed pollinators and pollinator friendly landscapes

image showing participants sitting around tables while instructor presents on the topic of building your own rain barrelParticipants at the Rain Barrel Workshop with instructor Kelly Hill
Two women standing behind a table that reads UGA Extension. Educational literature on the tableMaster Gardener, Linda Hlozansky, and ANR agent, MC Halbrook, handing out educational information at the Native Plant Sale

From Our Agriculture and Natural Resources Blog

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Image of six children dressed in various bee costumes representing a role of a worker bee in the hive.Participants in Youth Gardening at the Library performing their Bee Skit
Image of a beekeeper in a jacket and veil lifting a frame of honey from a beehive boxInstructor at Beekeeping Training opening hive to show off honey
Michele and another FACS agent practicing food preservation skills with sliced carrotsFACS Agent, Michelle May (left), preserving carrots in her Food Preservation Training
Suzanne cooking quesadilla in an electric skilletEFNEP Program Assistant, Suzanne Walker, performing a cooking demonstration as part of the Food Talk Series
Michelle May holding up The Very Hungry Caterpillar book and stuffed caterpillarFACS Agent, Michelle May, read The Very Hungry Caterpillar for toddler story time

Family and Consumer Sciences

What is FACS?

UGA Family and Consumer Sciences outreach, resources, and programs help improve the quality of life for individuals and families in Georgia. We provide training, disseminate research-based publications, and link families, businesses and communities to university faculty and resources.

Coming Soon:

Home Food Preservation Classes
  • Canning
  • Freezing
  • Jams
  • Jellies
  • Drying
  • Pickling


The Expanded Food & Nutrition Education Program helps families stretch their food dollar, eat healthier meals and snacks, and reduce the risk of foodborne illness. EFNEP is federally funded through USDA NIFA and offered nationwide.

During the 2022-2023 school year, Suzanne Walker, EFNEP Program Assistant taught Food Talk Teen & Teen Cuisine classes at McIntosh County Academy.


EFNEP had a total of 49 teen graduates from MCA!


FACS Around McIntosh

  • Held toddler story time and nutrition activity at Ida Hilton Library
  • Participated and spoke at Coastal Earth Day Event in Darien
  • Provided education at Angelica's House of Hope Wellness Day
  • Discussed Healthy Sleep Habits at The Studio
  • Held a Fiscal Wellness lunch & learn at the Chamber of Commerce
  • Taught nutrition label reading at McIntosh Senior Center
  • Taught children & parents a D.I.Y. chapstick and lip scrub craft

jar of home preserved picklesPickles that Michelle May preserved