UGA Extension Office

Project Achievement


Project Achievement helps 4-H'ers develop both oral and written communication skills while providing the opportunity to showcase a topic of their interest in categories such as science, history, performing arts, or culinary skills.


Pick any topic you are interested in! Do research to start becoming an expert on your topic.


Create visual aids to help the audience understand your topic.


Tell us anything and everything about it (factual information, of course) in a presentation. 


Have fun with other 4-H’ers while creating your presentations and at the district competition!

To participate

Cost: NONE! 

  • 4-H covers registration fees, transportation to the district competition, meals at the competition, and a full weekend at Rock Eagle for the Jr/Sr competition!  We even provide printing and poster supplies if needed.
  • Out-of-pocket costs would be limited to other materials for visual aids and activities/concessions at the district competition.

BONUS: Participating in District Project Achievement earns a free summer day trip with the 4-H club!


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