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Georgia Private Pesticide Applicator Exam

The Georgia Private Pesticide Applicator Exam

may be completed online by going to

Please ensure you have access to a working printer before you begin the exam. You will be required to print a certificate of completion and take to McIntosh County Extension/ 4-H with the appropriate identification as required by the Department of Agriculture.

The McIntosh County Extension/ 4-H will assist you in your application submission.

Online exam instructions:

  1. Go to
  2. Select "create new account"
  3. Complete registration form
  4. Verify account by selecting the link provided in the email sent to your account
  5. Enter in "PPE2014" without the quotes when asked for an enrollment key
  6. Review the 12 videos and take the three mini quizzes before taking the final test. The final test will not be available until you have taken all three quizzes.
  7. Successfully complete the final test then a certificate of completion will be available via a link at the bottom of the page.
  8. Print your certificate and take required identification to the McIntosh County Extension/ 4-H office, 601 North Way Darien, GA 31305

Check your license expiration and hours earned

Georgia Commercial Pesticide Applicator Information

Georgia Private Pesticide Application Information

Recertification Information

Georgia Pest Management Handbook

Commercial Edition

Purchase online or stop by the McIntosh County Extension / 4-H office and get one today!!!