UGA Extension Office

Soil and Water Testing

Soil Samples

  • Make sure to drop by the office to pick your soil sample submission form and UGA soil bag
  • Results usually take about 2 weeks
  • $12 per soil test

Water Samples and Tests

  • Popular test pricing:
    • Basic Water Test: $26
    • Expanded Water Test: $68
    • Home Loan Closing Water Test: $103
    • Fish Pond General Water Quality: $42
    • Department of Health: Private Well Chemical Test: $134
    • Lead: $47
    • E. coli/total coliform/fecal coliform: $51
  • For additional testing, please call the office
  • Call our office at 912-437-6651 for all other questions regarding testing of water or any other testing questions you may have!

Drop Box

We have a locked drop box located outside of the front door. Please leave samples by the door and place money/checks in the drop box.

Other Identification Help

Do you have any plants, weeds or insects that you need help identifying?  Do you need advice on control of pests or diseases?

If so, please bring in your samples to the office 601 North Way, Darien, GA 31305

Call/text 912-580-0256


picture of soil sample bags
picture of water testing bottles
Image showing collection methods for drinking water, microbial, pond, and wastewater testing. For more information, click on the image to follow the link to our lab webpageInstructions for Water Testing. Click the image to follow a link to our lab's webpage.

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