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4-H in-school club meetings are held monthly in 4th-8th grade classrooms in McIntosh County Schools. A monthly after-school meeting is held for grades 9-12 at McIntosh County Academy, typically on the last Tuesday of each month. 

In-school club meetings provide 4-H curriculum aligned with Georgia Department of Education standards. Club meetings also provide information to students about the many out-of-school opportunities available through 4-H. 

After-school clubs can be created to focus on just about any area of interest! 4-H also offers state-wide competitive teams in judging events (wildlife, forestry, poultry, consumer products), livestock showing (goats, cattle, hogs), shooting sports, and more. 4-H also offers quiz bowl and life skills teams, a traveling performing arts troupe, and much more. 

Local clubs can be created to focus on a special interest (i.e. gardening, robotics, crafting, marine science, outdoor adventure, coding) or for a particular age group.  

HOMESCHOOLERS are welcome! Homeschool students can participate in any of the out-of-school clubs, events, and competitive teams. A club specifically for homeschooled students can also be formed. 

Contact your 4-H agent to propose a club idea and we'll work together to make it happen! 

Adult volunteer leaders are needed to establish outside-of-school clubs! Please see the volunteer tab and contact your 4-H agent for more details. 

COST: 4-H is FREE to join! In-school clubs and after-school club meetings are FREE! 

There are fees for field trips, competitive teams, camps, and some events. Cost vary based on the type and length of the activity. 

Need-based SCHOLARSHIPS are offered for ALL 4-H activities! 

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