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Soil samples can be tested to help clientele develop and maintain a more productive soil by providing information on nutrient availability and soil pH.

Water samples can also be tested for safety purposes as well. Visitors can bring samples of plants, weeds or insects for identification and advice.

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Soil Samples

  • $12.00 for 1st sample
  • $10.00 for 2-3 samples
  • $9.00 for 4-5 samples
  • $8.00 for 6+ samples
  • NOTE: The prices are PER sample
  • Make sure to fill out our soil sample submission form linked below, or drop by the office to pick one up!
  • ALL soil samples must be put in an approved UGA soil bag. Come grab one or a few!
  • Results usually take 1-2 weeks to come back  

Water Samples and Tests

  • $25.00 per sample for a basic water test (postage varies)
  • Call our office at 912-437-6651 for all other questions regarding testing of water or any other testing questions you may have!  

Have a question? Need to plant, but don't know how or what to use? Need someone to come look at your land? We have an Agriculture Agent for that! Call 912-437-6651 for more information!


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