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Cat 41 - Mosquito hours

Eleven 1-hour recordings of presentations are available that each provide 1 hour of Cat 41 credit. To receive credit, however, you MUST go to your local county extension agent's office to watch the recording - since it's for credit, the State wants a county agent to verify you watched the recording.

Call and make an appointment to come to the office "to watch GTBOP archives for category 41 credit". The State will only process sign in sheets that come from us. It MUST be done at a county extension office.


Pesticide Applicator Training and Certification Information, Pesticide Safety

Do you have a pesticide question? Bug sprays? weed killers? disinfectant?  These answers and lots more information can be found at the National Pesticide Telecommunications Network. Also, Pesticide information including recognition and management of pesticide poisoning. Call toll-free: 1 (800) 858-7878

Are you a state, county, and city Parks & Recreation employee or a Road & Highway crew member or a Georgia Master Gardener or a homeowner who might apply pesticides around the outside of their homes and gardens?

Everyone in Georgia who handles and applies general use or unclassified pesticides should be trained in how to correctly and safely and effectively use pesticides.

The Georgia Department of Agriculture and the University of Georgia’s Pesticide Safety Education Program have developed the Georgia Competent Applicators of Pesticides Program (GCAPP). This training is for all Georgians to learn how to properly, safely, and effectively use pesticides.

Georgia Competent Applicators of Pesticide Program (GCAPP)

Sign up for GCAPP training outlined on our Homeowner & Public Service Safety Training page.

GA Private Pesticide Applicators

Already have a Private Pesticide License?

To check how many credit hours you have or need and the due date for your pesticide license renewal can be find on the Georgia Pesticide Applicator Licensing and Certification Database website for information

GA Commercial Applicators Licensing

Need Re-certification Credit as a GA Commercial Pesticide Applicator?
Find re-certification courses for Commercial Applicators go to Pesticide Applicator Re-Certification Courses