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Homeowner & Public Service Safety Training


Everyone in Georgia who handles and applies general use or unclassified pesticides should be trained in how to correctly and safely and effectively use pesticides.  This applies to state, county, and city Parks & Recreation employees, Road & Highway crews, Master Gardeners and other volunteers, and particularly to homeowners who might apply pesticides around the outside of their homes and gardens.

The Georgia Department of Agriculture and the University of Georgia’s Pesticide Safety Education Program have jointly developed the Georgia Competent Applicators of Pesticides Program (GCAPP) to provide training for all Georgians who might wish to learn how to properly, safely, and effectively use pesticides.  You may purchase access to this training program on the Georgia Professional Certifications Course Access estore on the UGA Marketplace.  Select the "Homeowners, Public Service Employees, & Volunteers" picture box from the options shown and follow these steps:

1.      Click the cart icon to add the GCAPP course to your cart.

2.      After you add the course to your cart, you have the option to either "Continue shopping" or "Checkout."

3.      Select "Checkout" if your order is complete and continue with the checkout steps.

Checkout steps:

4.      Enter your name as you want it to appear on your Certificate of Completion, your county's name, and a phone number in case you need to be contacted.

5.      Do Not enter a Username or Password to register (registration is only for repeat customers who want to save a few steps and time).  Do enter an email address and click on "Checkout as Guest."

6.      Carefully enter your credit card information.  Be especially careful when you type in the numbers because a single number being wrong will cause your order to not be accepted.

7.      Click on the "Continue" button.  Then click on the "Review Order" button to go to the Review Order page.  Review your order carefully and when you are satisfied, click on the "Submit Order" button.  This will bring up your Order Receipt, which you can print for your records.  A copy of your Order Receipt will also be sent to your email address.

The following steps will occur automatically once you submit your order.  Dr. Mickey Taylor will immediately receive a notification of your order, including the name you entered on the Payment Methods page and your email address.  Dr. Taylor will enroll you in the courses that you have purchased sometime during each workday, typically around 10:00 AM or 5:00 PM.  He will send you an email with your username and a temporary password.  You will be required to change this temporary password when you log onto the site for the first time.  You can no longer self-register on the website.

In your GCAPP course, you will first learn how to recognize and get identified the various weed, insect, and disease pests you might encounter at home or on your job.  Next, you will learn about the various methods available to manage pests, how to use an integrated approach to pest management, and the advantages and disadvantages of using pesticides.  Following those topics are sections on how to read and use pesticide labels, the types of pesticide formulation you might encounter, and how pesticides move in the environment with an emphasis on what you can do to limit the pollution your use of pesticides may create.  You will study how pesticides can enter your body, how you can protect yourself from exposure to pesticides by using personal protective clothing and equipment, and the steps to take if you should accidentally get exposed to pesticides.  Lastly, you will learn about the types of application equipment available for your use, how to calibrate that equipment, and how to go about safely mixing, loading, and applying the pesticide while achieving maximum effectiveness from the pesticide.

Following your study is an exam which will let you evaluate your comprehension of the various topics covered by the course.  A passing grade is 70% correct answers, and if you achieve this, you will be able to print a Certificate of Completion, which is good for a five-year period.  The GCAPP course requires a minimum of a 4.5 to 5.5 hour time commitment by participants to complete.