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Helping farmers and families thrive

Rural life is often portrayed as an idyllic throwback to simpler times, where communities and neighbors come together in times of crisis and hardship. While the characterization of the tight-knit small town may ring true in many cases, rural communities still face all of the same modern-day challenges and adversities as their urban counterparts. When they do, they are often isolated by distance from resources and services tailored to aid their unique needs when they are faced with health, financial or other stressful matters.

At the University of Georgia, we are committed to helping the rural communities in Georgia and the producers, farmers and citizens who are the backbone of their communities. We are also happy to support the state's rural economy by investing in Georgia’s No. 1 industry, agriculture.

Resources to help you grow stronger

The following are a collection of articles, resources and programs we have gathered to assist with issues from maintaining good mental and physical health to juggling economic, educational or lifestyle concerns. For a printable reference to these materials and the Georgia Crisis and Access Line, download the Rural Georgia: Growing Stronger PDF flyer

Need help or know someone that does? For immediate crisis help, call the Georgia Crisis & Access Line (GCAL), available 24/7 toll-free and staffed by licensed mental health professionals. Language assistance is available.