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The watermelon industry is extremely popular in Georgia, with watermelons grown on an estimated 20,000 acres per year. Still, consistently making a profit requires constant innovation and hard work.

Picking, grading, packing and shipping melons remains the most costly aspect of watermelon production. Irrigating fields and applying newer, more effective fungicides to combat the diseases of watermelon are also two of the more expensive input costs.

Scientists with UGA Extension and the UGA College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences conduct research trials to aid farmers in producing a cost-efficient and high-yielding watermelon crop.

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  • Fusarium Rapid Test Fusarium Rapid Test UGA scientists have developed a faster way to diagnose Fusarium wilt. By Josh Paine | Published: 02/24/21
  • Protecting Seasonal Workers Protecting Seasonal Workers Increase in COVID-19 infections among seasonal workers in Florida puts Georgia producers on alert. By Andre Luiz Biscaia Ribeiro da Silva | Published: 06/18/20
  • Sunscalding Sunscalding UGA Extension urges growers to rotate chemical applications consisting of calcium nitrate to protect their crops from the sun. By Clint Thompson | Published: 06/14/19
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Top Watermelon Producers
County Name Value
Crisp $18,686,160
Tift 17,754,000
Turner 16,578,000
Berrien 10,901,220
Wilcox 9,686,250
Cook 9,200,000
Telfair 9,062,500
Tattnall 8,304,000
Ben Hill 8,022,720
Mitchell 7,865,000
State Total: $158,288,446

Displaying farm gate values for 2020. Values are tallied in October for the previous year.