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Corn is the most widely grown crop in Georgia. Yields were low until 1948 when hybrids better adapted to growing conditions in the southern U.S. were developed. UGA Extension provides farmers  information that continues to aid them in corn production.

Most of the corn production in Georgia occurs in the southern counties, and is primarily used for animal feed and not human consumption.

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Grains at UGA Information related to the production, storage and use of corn, sorghum, pearl millet, wheat, rye, oats, triticale and barley.

Sustainable Agriculture at UGA Brings together information on sustainable agriculture including crop rotation, cover crops, and other resources.

Institute of Plant Breeding, Genetics and Genomics IPBGG faculty actively engage in training of graduate students, the development of new crop varieties, and basic research on the genetics and understanding of crop traits important to agriculture and human kind.

UGA Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics Learn more about the agricultural and applied economics department at the UGA College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.

UGA Department of Crop and Soil Sciences Learn more about the crop and soil sciences department at the UGA College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.

Commodity Teams at CAES Teams made up of research scientists and extension specialists work together to provide the latest technology and information for efficient, profitable production of some of Georgia's most valuable commodities.

External sites

National Corn Growers Association Organization representing corn growers before legislative and regulatory bodies.

The Corn Grower's Guide Book (Purdue) Extensive index of corn-related websites and publications.

The Maize Page (Iowa State) Detailed corn growing and corn product information from Iowa State University Extension.

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  • Southern Corn Rust
    Southern Corn Rust 'The weather is here, the rust is here, the corn is here': Early detection of the potentially devastating disease, combined with warm temperatures and high humidity conditions, have elevated the danger of the disease. Published: 07/20/22
  • Midville Field Day 2020
    Midville Field Day 2020 Research and Extension faculty will present current research conducted at the Midville facility to include agronomic, pest and disease management of row crops as well as plant breeding and variety trials. Published: 08/04/20
  • Corn Irrigation
    Corn Irrigation UGA Extension specialist says irrigation streaking a problem in Georgia fields this year. Published: 08/05/19
Top Corn Producers
County Name Value
Decatur $96,071,700
Mitchell 70,765,066
Burke 33,689,250
Seminole 29,119,240
Colquitt 25,478,425
Miller 23,034,415
Terrell 22,422,996
Jefferson 20,616,120
Calhoun 18,349,584
Baker 16,660,000
State Total: $712,974,804

Displaying farm gate values for 2022. Values are tallied in October for the previous year.