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Upcoming Ag Events
  • Sep 25 Adopt-A-Stream Double Re-Certification Workshop This workshop is designed to recertify volunteers to conduct basic stream water chemical and bacterial monitoring. Certified volunteers for Adopt-A-Stream are asked to conduct assays: dissolved oxygen, conductivity, pH, temperature, and bacterial plating. Volunteers wishing to become recertified will be given a field test and written test to assess their ability to collect accurate and precise data.
    • Griffin, GA - (29.0 Miles)
  • Sep 28 Fire Ant Management in Pastures and Hayfields Learn all about fire ants in order to understand them and build an effective management plan for pastures and hayfields. This two hour workshop will include a traditional presentation as well as an on-farm demonstration of a fire ant bait spreader that may be rented from the extension office. CEU's: 2 Hrs Cat 21, 22, 24 | 1 Hr Private/ Cat 10
    • Concord, GA - (17.0 Miles)
  • Oct 5 Not So Spooky Lunch and Learns October is the perfect time to explore the bizarre, different, and possibly spooky subjects, but this series is a little different. Throughout the month of October, Pike County Extension aims to turn these creepy crawling topics and make them "Not So Spooky". Join us as we explore the soaring world of bats, dark wonders of composting, sprawling invasive species, and rushing waters of stream monitoring. October 5th: Bats October 12th: Composting October 19th: Invasive Species October 26th: Stream Monitoring
    • Concord, GA - (17.0 Miles)
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  • Spiders, Spiders Everywhere Spiders, Spiders Everywhere First identified in Georgia in 2014, colorful Joro spiders have proliferated in at least 25 of the state's counties. By Michele Hatcher | Published: 9/23/2021
  • Leland Cypress Leland Cypress Leyland cypresses grow about four feet per year in height and two to three feet in width. By Maria M. Lameiras | Published: 9/22/2021
  • Leaf spot disease Leaf spot disease Pear trees, Indian Hawthorn and Red Tip Photinia among trees and shrubs affected. By Paul Pugliese | Published: 9/20/2021
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