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Project Achievement

4-H Project Achievement


One of our most popular 4-H programs is Project Achievement.

Project Achievement is a self-directed, individual competition that helps students develop leadership, creativity, public speaking skills, record keeping, and more.

Project Achievement is interest-led. Participants select a project area of interest, research the topic, write a presentation, and present it to others. The project can be almost anything and we encourage youth to choose a topic that they are passionate about.

For 4th - 6th graders, Project Achievement is all about sharing knowledge, developing confidence, and meeting new friends from across the state at district competitions.

As the student advances grades, a portfolio added. This is a written record listing the activities in which the student has participated within the calendar year.

For Cloverleaf or Junior 4-H'ers (4th - 8th graders), Project Achievement begins as a county level presentation and advances to district level competition, known as District Project Achievement (DPA). Senior competitions begin at the county or district level and advance to a state competition known as State 4-H Congress.

The following links will take you to the Georgia 4-H website for more information about Project Achievement:

Cloverleaf Project Achievement - Grades 4 to 6

Junior Project Achievement - Grades 7 to 8

Senior Project Achievement - Grades 9 to 12

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For more information about Project Achievement, email the Upson County Extension Office or call us at (706) 647-8989.