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International ADS Partnership
International ADS Partnership UGA animal and dairy science class forms new collaboration with animal science institute in China. By Sean Montgomery | Published: 9/17/2020
Virtual Diabetes Program
Virtual Diabetes Program UGA Extension is working with the University System of Georgia to offer virtual National Diabetes Prevention Program. By Sean Montgomery | Published: 9/8/2020
Avoiding Maskne
Avoiding Maskne In addition to wearing a clean mask, you should take extra care to keep your skin clean. By Leigh Anne Aaron | Published: 8/27/2020
UGA entomology fellow Olivia Smith
UGA entomology fellow Olivia Smith Entomology fellow Olivia Smith researches food safety concerns and wildlife conservation By Sean Montgomery | Published: 8/25/2020
COVID-19 Cell Immunity
COVID-19 Cell Immunity First study to show taste bud cell immunity from contact with virus particle. By Charlene Betourney | Published: 8/10/2020
Youth mental health
Youth mental health A recent survey commissioned by the National 4‑H Council finds that 7 in 10 teens are struggling with mental health in the wake of COVID-19. By Courtney Still Brown | Published: 7/28/2020
Natural Benefits
Natural Benefits When young people spend time outdoors, they gain a greater appreciation for the natural resources around them. By Kasey Bozeman | Published: 7/23/2020
Tomato Preservation
Tomato Preservation Canning expert offers tested tips and recipes for storing and preserving tomatoes. By Elizabeth L. Andress | Published: 7/23/2020
Mask Tips
Mask Tips Practicing with masks can ease transition to wearing face coverings in the classroom. By Cal Powell | Published: 7/23/2020
Preparing for Unknowns
Preparing for Unknowns Preparation is key for kids going back to school during the COVID-19 pandemic. By Cal Powell | Published: 7/22/2020
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UGA Family and Consumer Sciences Extension programs place non-biased, research-based information at your fingertips. County agents and specialists throughout the state provide cutting edge knowledge on many topics, including home food preservation, parenting, personal financial management, and healthy eating habits.

Why is the work of Family and Consumer Sciences (FACS) Extension Agents so important?

A healthy and productive worker, family or consumer depends on a variety of factors from food, child care and shelter to interpersonal relationships and budgeting. FACS Extension Agents and Specialists have the educational background, skills and knowledge to assist workers in meeting their basic needs.

What do Family and Consumer Sciences (FACS) Extension Agents offer to all consumers?

FACS Extension Agents provide education in the community and the workplace on critical issues to all Georgians. Educational topics include:

  • Financial Security and Economic Well-Being
  • Foodborne Illness Prevention
  • Housing and Environmental Health and Safety
  • Child Care, Youth, and Family Development
  • Chronic Disease Prevention and Management

FACS Agents provide educational opportunities that contain practical, research-based information to help consumers lead more productive lives.

The information offered by FACS agents, as well as others in Cooperative Extension, is provided by researchers at The University of Georgia College of Family and Consumer Sciences, College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, and other universities across our nation.  Business, consumers and community representatives in each county identify the critical issues that Extension should address and guide the planning and delivery of these programs, some of which we can deliver in Spanish.

Extension Publications
  • Time Management: 10 Strategies for Better Time Management (C 1042) Learn 10 strategies for better time management, including knowing how to spend your time, setting priorities, using planning tools, getting organized, scheduling, delegating, and avoiding procrastinating, wasting time, and multitasking.
  • The Role of Music (C 1053-06) Children who grow up listening to music develop strong music-related connections in the brain. Some of these music pathways actually affect the way we think. Listening to classical music seems to improve our spatial reasoning, at least for a short time. And learning to play an instrument may have an even longer effect on certain thinking skills. Here is some information on how music affects our brains and ideas on how to help nurture children's love of music.
  • Winemaking at Home (C 717) This publication provides essential material and detailed instructions for successfully making wine at home. The information is designed for beginners who do not know where to begin and for experienced amateurs who run into difficulties.
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Family & Consumer Sciences

Extension Specialists from the College of Family and Consumer Sciences at UGA prepare a wide variety of publications for educating Georgians. Tips on parenting, meal preparation, financial management, owning a home, and much more are accessible through their websiteAccess the publication list.

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Home Maintenance and Safety

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Senior Sense Newsletter

SENIOR SENSE is a quarterly publication specifically for the educational needs of older Georgians. It is prepared by Extension Specialists at The University of Georgia, College of Family & Consumer Sciences.

Senior Sense Newsletters

Diabetes Life Lines Newsletter

Diabetes Life Lines is a bi-monthly publication written by Food and Nutrition Specialists at The University of Georgia, College of Family and Consumer Sciences. This newsletter brings you the latest information on diabetes, nutrition, the diabetic exchange system, recipes, and important events.

Diabetes Life Lines and information .