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Judging Teams

  • Wildlife Judging Team
    Wildlife Judging Team

2022-2023 4-H Judging Teams (4th-12th Grade)


Forestry Judging

Forestry Judging is a competitive event where youth learn about the different types of trees, the insects and diseases that affect those trees, how to pace, learn to use a compass and find out how much lumber they can find in a single tree. 4-H’ers will be taught everything they need to know at practices, but are responsible for studying the trees, insects, and diseases on their own, too. This is a great competition for those who love the outdoors and hiking!

The season runs August - September. Practices are every Tuesday from 5:30-7:00PM. The district competition is on Wednesday, September 7th at the Wahsega 4-H Center in Dahlonega, GA. Transportation and a school excuse are provided. Visit our website for more information.


Wildlife Judging

Wildlife Judging is an evaluation event where 4-H’ers learn about native wildlife. Topics include how to identify different species, what they eat, where they live, and how to make a particular property desirable for a particular species. This is a great event for any 4-H’er who is interested in animals and their habitats. The season runs March - April. Watch The Flash newsletter for information about the 2023 season.


Cotton Boll and Consumer Jamboree (Consumer Judging)

Calling all 4th-12th graders! The Cotton Boll and Consumer Jamboree is a FREE competitive judging contest where 4-H’ers learn about cotton as an agriculture commodity in our state, as well as to promote cotton through commercials or public service announcements. 4-H’ers gain skills in making rational decisions when purchasing goods and services while maximizing resources. The contest is made up of two competition areas: judging classes and PSA’s /commercials. 4-H’ers are required to judge four classes of consumer items or services. Each class contains four similar items and has an accompanying situation statement. This statement describes a consumer and gives the needs to be considered when he/she makes a decision to purchase the item. Factors influencing these needs may include the person’s age, gender, available money, lifestyles, school or job status, preferences or other requirements that depend on the item given and the individual in the situation. The 2022 items are athletic pants, tablets, backpacks, and fast food breakfast meals. Visit our website for more resources.


Poultry Judging

Poultry judging is a competitive event in which students learn and understand standards used in poultry, egg production and marketing. They also learn to apply the standards in a realistic decision-making situation. During the contest, participants judge both live specimens and market poultry. They identify parts of birds already prepared for market and evaluate eggs as to their quality and readiness for market. For at least one class, typically a live production class, participants are asked to justify their placing decisions through a set of oral reasons.